Bheemalpen Festival Aka Bheemili Nookalamma Festival Complete details!

Bheemalpen festival is the festival of the Adivasis, has begun with Bheemalpen festival, which is popular as Bheemanna Pujalu and they take Devul or wooden deities for bathing at the holy place, Demmala Rajul near Dhammannapet in Utnoor Mandal. 

Bheemalpen Festival
Bheemalpen Festival

However, the tribal celebrates the Bheemalpen festival in the month of Margashira, every year. Adivasis are busy in celebrating their traditional festivals these days in the district.

Adivasis of the Asifabad take their Devul to Khariyar and Kerameri to Patteda, Tiryani to Danthanpalli Ganga, Narnoor to Gundala Ganga, Indravelli to Pulikakchar and Adivasis of neredigonda bathe their wooden idols in the Kuntala waterfalls. But most of the Adivasi Jataras follow their festivals in the Adilabad district.

They also cook their food for the special pooja called satti to the Bheemalpen, they cook the food with the new crops or beans like chikkudu, and Anapa, pulses like red gram, and also rice. This festival starts when the Jangubai pilgrimage is held on in the month of December or January and continues the Bheemalpen festival from the 11th of January to the 8th of February in the dense forests near Parandholi in Keremeri Mandal on the borders of Maharashtra.

Furthermore, the devotees start their journey by walking and they returned to their village after three days of performing pooja to Bheemalpen. This festival is the first in their festival season and they perform the ritual with full devotion. The wooden goddess called the Devul means God and bathed them in the river Ganga, meanwhile the Ganga Snan. Then taken to their village and installed at one holy place. The Kolam and Gond Adivasis perform the special pooja to the Bheemalpen festival.

These rituals show the Adivasi’s great bond with nature and the crops they cultivate and the devotion attached to the food grains they consume. The Bheemalpen festival has much importance in the festival calendar of the Adivasis and they cannot neglect the Bheemalpen festival, and they celebrate this with happiness.

Well, there are some more important festivals of the Adivasis like Jangubai and Jallidevara which are important to the Adivasis, and the popular Adivasi jataras will follow their festivals. Here is the list of some of the important festivals, Jagadamba jatara, Kamdev in Narnoor, Keslapur in Indravelli, Budumdev in Shyampur in Utnoor, Mahadev in Sirpur, Balaji in Kerameri, Bhadi jatara in Bela mandals.

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