Betel Leaves Plant-Importance, Significance 

Betel Leaves Plant

Betel leaves are often known as Paan leaf, used n making Paan which acts as a mouth freshener or can be also consumed with tobacco. People commonly eat Paan meanwhile the betel leaves, without knowing the actual fact of the leaf that how many ways it could benefit your body. The scientific name of the leaf is Piper betel; it is a heart-shaped leaf that is found in tropical, sub-tropical regions of the country like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and East Africa. The Betel leaves are also used for religious purposes and even for chewing because it acts as a mouth freshener. Betel vine varieties are mainly divided into five main groups that are based on the morphological characteristics and presence of essential oils.

The Paan plant has played an important role in Indian culture for many centuries. In the state of Assam, paan and betel nuts are offered to invite guests to marriage functions. While in Bengali culture, the bride enters the wedding mandap by covering her face with two betel leaves. In the Southern states of India, there is no festival or function complete without paan and supari as it is being a part of the return gift for the guests.

Indians love the paan as a chewable mouth freshener. Loved by both the ancient kings and the present-day generations in their daily life, paan also has multiple health benefits.

This very popular and well-loved edible plant is extremely easy to grow at home and does well in a variety of growing conditions. Betel leaves are very beneficial to human beings, let us look at some incredible betel leaf benefits. Betel Leaves possess many properties –

  • It may protect you against the cancer
  • It may be working as an antioxidant
  • It may prevent the growth of fungi if used
  • It may protect against allergic reactions
  • It may heal the wounds
  • It may be used in the case of constipation

But there are also some side effects, when consumed with tobacco, lime, and area nuts, as follows-

  • May cause substance dependence
  • May cause a feeling of euphoria
  • May cause sweating
  • May cause salivating

Well, there are several different types of betel leaf plants that are existing, the most famous being Calcutta, Banarasi, and Magahi. However, Ugaoo sells the very famous Magahi variety, which is well known for its taste.

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