Best Tourist Places to Visit Near Rameswaram’s Dhanush Kodi Beach

Dhanush Kodi is often known as the lost land of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which is one of the major tourist attractions in the country for many reasons. It is situated on the southern tip of the country which is incredibly beautiful. It is just 25km from Rameswaram. Well, Dhanush Kodi beach is so very a famous tourist spot for not only its pristine water but also for its past stories. The beach is rich in history and shoreline. Not only just this beach famous there are many places to visit and explore near the beach, Rameswaram which are worth witnessing. However, Rameswaram is known to be very famous and it’s considered to be a Hindu pilgrimage spot.

1. SRI RAMANATHASWAMY TEMPLE– the temple is the main major tourist attraction for visitors. The temple, people come from nationwide, and it is a famous pilgrimage site. This temple is a milestone since the past of the town and the reason it is located in the middle of Rameswaram. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and every year lakhs of devotees come to offer their prayers. The temple is one of the 12 major Jyotirlingas in the country. The temple is very old and constructed by Pandya rulers in the 12th century, but it doesn’t look like it is an ancient temple, because they have maintained it very well.


2. ADAM’S BRIDGE– the bridge is famous across the globe; it is also known by the name of Ram Setu. As this bridge was constructed by the Monkey Army (Vanar Sena) in just 5 days by chanting and writing the name of Lord Ram on every stone. This bridge is a historic bridge that was built to get Sita back from Ravana’s kingdom Lanka. This is an approximately 48-50km bridge that connects India or Pamban Island to the Northwest coast of Sri Lanka. Scientists and researchers have proven that Adam’s Bridge was an actual track for Sri Lanka. But due to a natural disaster, the bridge has been destroyed and the sea has serrated now and is called the Sea of the bridge. And why it is called Adam’s bridge? Because this bridge also has a connection with Christian mythology, which says that Adam crossed the bridge to reach Adam’s Mountain to do his atonement which is situated in Sri Lanka and hence got this name.


3. PAMBAN BRIDGE– the Pamban bridge is another major tourist attraction near Dhanush Kodi. This bridge is constructed over the Indian Ocean, and because of this. The bridge is very popular across the nation as it is built over the sea. The bridge has a strong connection between Rameswaram and the rest of the part of the country. The approximate length of this bridge is 2.3km which made this the second-longest bridge in the country. It took several years to complete the construction part of the bridge; the project was started in 1887 and completed in 1912 but it opened for the public in 1914.


4. DHANUSHKODI BEACH– let’s talk about this famous beach located in Rameswaram, and one of the most beautiful areas in Rameswaram. This is a popular beach that attracts thousands of tourists every day and lakhs of visitors every year. There is one famous story behind the name of this beach. The legends say that Ravana’s brother Vibhishan asked Lord Rama to break the bridge after rescuing Sita from Ravana’s Kingdom. Lord ram then destroyed the bridge with his bow and since then the town got its name Dhanush Kodi. The visitors believe that devotees’ going to Kashi has to come to Dhanush Kodi beach for taking a deep dive to complete their pilgrimage, Yatra.


5. FIVE-FACE HANUMAN TEMPLE– the five-faced Hanuman Temple is a very famous tourist attraction in Rameswaram. The idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and the greatest devotee of Rama, Shree Hanuman have been installed in this temple. There is the biggest myth of this temple, that most of the pilgrims believe that, these idols have their real souls inside the sculpture, which makes devotees visit the temple frequently and in large numbers. There are floating stones outside the temple which was believed to be the same stone that was used to build the Ram Setu bridge. Rameswaram is the main significance of the Ramayana. The Panchmukhi temple is also known as the five face Hanuman temple and it is located at a distance of 2km only from the Lord Rama temple.


6. JADA THEERTHAM– this is also a small temple located just 3km away from the famous Ramanathaswamy temple. This temple has an ancient holy lake or pond which is said to have the powerful fact that Lord Rama has cleaned his hair. If someone wants to enjoy this place then come to the time of festivals of Ram Navami and Sivaratri.


7. ARIYAMAN BEACH– this beach is situated between the southern coast of India and Sri Lanka’s Palk Bay in the Ramanathapuram area. The beach is located in Sattakkonvalasai. Ariyaman beach is also known as Kushi beach which is fully covered by she-oak trees and is listed as a calm and quiet beach in Tamil Nadu. The Ariyaman beach distance from Rameswaram is 24 Minutes. The beach offers many water activities and also it has an amusement park for the kids. Must visit the beach if you are in Rameswaram.


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