7 Best Restaurants in Hyderabad for the Perfect Romantic Dinner Date for Couples!

Privacy restaurants for couples in Hyderabad

Apart from the historic architecture, museums, royal palaces, and tranquil lakes, Hyderabad has a lot more to offer. This article let us know some of the most romantic restaurants where you can dine on your date night with your partner.

Best Restaurants in Hyderabad for the Perfect Romantic Dinner Date
Best Restaurants in Hyderabad for the Perfect Romantic Dinner Date

Thai pavilion

Thai Pavilion Hotel gives you the best experience of Thai food in the entire Hyderabad. Thai Pavilion is situated in the glorious Taj hotel and is well known for its hospitality and food.

Order your favorite Thai food and get comfortable with the cozy surroundings with your partner on a date night.


You can have a fine dining experience like no other hotel in Hyderabad in Celeste. Celeste Hotel is located in the Taj Falaknuma Palace and offers the old-world charm of Nizam culture and cuisine. 

Immerse in the Royal experience of dining with delicious dishes like Italian and Mediterranean fare with someone special on your date night.

La cantina

La cantina is a luxury hotel that has a beautiful poolside that gives you Mexican vibes. You can set into the romantic mode with your partner at a Mexican-style restaurant and some sparkling wine. Make an unforgettable night with your date at this restaurant and try some fantastic food and cocktails.


The Mekong often surprises its visitors with exotic and diverse menu options. Apart from the menu, Mekong hotel has warm, romantic, and inviting decor. 

Make your night amazing with a candlelight dinner at this exquisite restaurant with wooden flooring and vintage art craft along with the super service of authentic Asian food. 

Over the moon

Over the moon is one of the go-to options for romantic restaurants in Hyderabad for its elegant lounges.

Over the moon, the hotel offers its visitors a romantic space with natural decor and a cozy environment. It also had wide menu options covering Continental, Mediterranean, and Asian food. Do not forget to try the amazing Cocktail options present in this exotic hotel.

Little Italy

Little Italy provides you with great Italian food and great wine that are all needed for a romantic candlelight dinner. You and your partner will get to experience the chilled vibe, jazz music, the beautiful ambiance, and food service at the hotel. 

The variety of food choices present in this hotel will give you a vibe of Italy and satisfy you on your date night.

Ohri’s Tansen

Ohri’s Tansen is popular for its wonderful ambiance and makes it one of the go-to options to have a romantic dinner in Hyderabad. You will experience wonderful food with a waterfront property with classical light music that makes your date night so special. 

Get the taste of the exquisite Mughal and North Indian cuisines with a warm ambiance at Ohri’s Tansen with your someone special.

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