Balloon Seller From Kerala Gets Transformed Into A Beauty Queen – Check out Her Story!

A balloon seller from Kerala named Kisbu, became an overnight internet sensation after her pictures of super glam makeover went viral.

Balloon seller girl Kisbu turned into a glamorous model
Balloon seller girl Kisbu turned into a glamorous model

Social media has the extreme power to change the lives of people. Recently news got viral about a balloon seller namely Kisbu. She transformed into a new model like a beauty queen, she was spotted by a photographer and did her photoshoot. She is now becoming a new model and creating sensations across the country.

Well, this is not a new fact that social media turns a local into a star, there are many heart-warming stories of transformation and makeovers from around the world. Previously the same story happened, a daily wage labor from Kozhikode, Kerala became a model.

Let’s talk about the present teenage girl Kisbu, she is a teenager, who belongs to a Rajasthani family and sells balloons across the city. Her mother expresses her wishes to get a proper education; she is been doing this for a living since her father passed away. She is a beauty icon, really her transformation became viral on the internet. She become an overnight internet sensation after her photos of her transformation have gone viral.

Kisbu was caught selling balloons at the Andalur Kavu festival by photographer Arjun Krishnan. At that time, Krishnan took a few photos of the teenager and posted them on his Instagram account with the caption, From the street of Andalur to people’s hearts. And that smile on her face after the makeover.

After the photos have gone viral, the professionals invited Kisbu to do a photo shoot for them. The makeover began and 4 AM and the photos show Kisbu wearing a traditional kasavu saree with gold jewelry.

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