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Ashwin Mehta Wiki Biography – From Harshad Mehta’s Brother to Indian Lawyer!

All You need to Know About Ashwin Mehta Wiki, Biography, Career, Networth – From being Harshad Mehta’s Brother to an Indian Lawyer. Complete Details in this article.

Harshad Mehta’s Brother Ashwin Mehta Complete Details
Harshad Mehta’s Brother Ashwin Mehta Complete Details

I am guessing that you all have watched the movie Scam 1992 right? In which the person name Harshad Mehta has caught for the scam with SBI state bank of India. There you get to know his brother, Ashwin Mehta, has started stockholders later back. Both brothers were doing the stockholder work. We do not know much about Ashwin Mehta but the sources revealed some information about him.

Here I am going to share all the information about Ashwin Mehta. Let’s have a look at it.

Personal Details about Ashwin Mehta

His name is ASHWIN MEHTA, known as the popular as brother of Harshad Mehta.

Age– 66

Mother– Rasilaben Mehta

Father– Shantilal Mehta

Education– Law Graduate

Profession– Lawyer in Mumbai High court and Supreme Court, businessman, stockbroker

Birth place– Paneli moti, Rajkot district, Gujarat, India

Ashwin Mehta Wiki Biography
Ashwin Mehta Wiki Biography

Ashwin Mehta and his Early Life

Ashwin Mehta completed the Law degree in his mid-50 and now he is a busy lawyer and fighting several cases for his brother, Harshad Mehta. He is a lawyer in Mumbai High court, Supreme Court. His father was a Businessman and used to run a textile business while his mother was a housewife. He has completed his schooling at Holy Cross Byron Bazar.

Knowing them after the 1992 scam, after he came into the eyes. The scam is done by his big brother, Harshad Mehta. After the death of his brother in 2001, Ashwin was fighting the legal case until 2018. Ashwin and his sister-in-law (wife of Harshad Mehta) Jyoti Mehta had to face many problems during those times.

As most people know that he is also a stock broker like his brother Harshad Mehta. But that is not the complete information about him, he left the stockholder long back after his brother died.

Ashwin Mehta did his schooling at Holy Cross Byron Bazar, and complete his degree in Law in mid-50.  His father Shanti Lal Mehta and mother Rasilaben Mehta had four children- Harshad, Ashwin, Hitesh, and Sudhir Mehta. His father was a businessman and used to run a textile business. Ashwin Mehta has spent most of his childhood in Mumbai’s Borivali.

Ashwin Mehta is the youngest brother of Harshad Mehta, he was born between 1955-56 so his current age is 65 or 66 may be, his date is not available so sharing the approximate age.

Ashwin Mehta Net Worth-

NameAshwin Mehta
Net worth (2022)$4 Million
Net worth in Indian rupees29 Crores
Monthly income and salary25+ lakhs
Yearly income3+ Crores
Last updated2022

As per the information and sources says about him, the net worth is up to or above 25 crores as for now, do not know how much it is true but according to the information available on the internet, this is much we have got.

Now Ashwin Mehta is a qualified Lawyer and spends his time winning the argument in the court, he has come so far from the scam in 1992.

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Ashwin Mehta Assets:

Cars:  Ashwin Mehta has some cars in his collection, like- a Honda City, a Toyota corolla, and a few others.

House: Ashwin Mehta currently lives in Mumbai with his family. He also has a house in Gujarat near his birthplace.

Professional Careers:

After quitting the stock market he has become a lawyer in the mid-50s and completed his LLB from the Law College of Mumbai. After the death of his brother Harshad Mehta, he completely changed his path. His family was in some serious allegations and he engaged himself in proving his family and brother innocent. It took almost 17 years for him to prove.

Final Word:

He and his family suffered a lot, during the scam in 1992, and after losing his brother as well, he came out from the things and was able to manage the difficulties. He fought for his brother and his family and proved all innocent after 17 years long.

We do not know all the things about him, because he has not shared his personal life socially.

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