Are you drinking water from plastic bottles – Side Effects & Health Issues

Drinking water from plastic bottles – Side Effects & Health Issues

Plastics are the most commonly used thing around the world. But you know, plastic is damaging our environment? Pollutions like Air, sound, water, and soil pollution are there and damaging the environment same as plastic pollution is also destroying our environment. And the main point, it is also destroying our health. Are you wondering why and how it is affected human health? According to one survey, India generates 6,000 tonnes of plastic every day, and nearly 10,000 tonnes of it remains uncollected which leads to major environmental pollution. The contamination of indoor and outdoor environments by plastics, we eat, drink and breathe the plastics or microplastics every day. Plastics are not bio-degradable and tend to grow on the plastic surface.

We have been studying that reuse of plastics would be better instead of directly exposing them to the environment which causes more environmental damage than plastic water bottles can cause. But refilling plastic water bottles has more health risks. Meanwhile, the more you use the more chemicals and toxins are released from the plastic into the plastic and over time the harmful substance gets into your bloodstream and can cause serious health problems because when the plastics are reused, the more scratches and chips in the soft plastic can become the breeding surface of the bacteria’s and even in some shapes of the bottles it makes difficult to clean it. So, the repeated use of plastic bottles can cause damage.

We are using polyethylene, and straws in our daily lives, and even more often we are using plastic bottles to drink water. There is a jug or plastic bottle in our fridge which we used to store water. But as it is easy to use, plastics contain hazardous chemical substances which lead to destroying our health for a long period. We are surrounded by plastics and microplastics from furniture to clothing, electronics, and even food packages are made from them. And this use of plastics has led to extreme plastic pollution of our environment. And now it is just not limited to an environmental issue, it affected human health too. Plastic bottles are the most common type of container to store water, in this article, I will tell you the side effects of drinking water from plastic water bottles.

  1. Harmful substances– As we know plastic contains hazardous substances, and apart from harmful chemicals in plastic, when water gets stored in plastic bottles it also produces harmful substances like fluoride, arsenic, and aluminium which can be very harmful to the human body, and that will slowly and steadily deteriorate your health.

  2. Dioxin production– We might have conducted some experiments in our childhood to check the plastics, which was not good, but unknowingly we used to burn the plastic and it melt rapidly in a hot environment.  Knowing that we often store water in plastic bottles while driving or traveling so many times leave it in the car in direct exposure to the sun. Such heating releases a toxin called Dioxin and when consumed this water can lead the breast cancer.

  3. BPA generation– Biphenyl A is an estrogen-mimicking chemical that can affect health in numerous ways like obesity, behavioral problems, diabetes, early puberty in girls, and fertility problems. So, to avoid these problems, you need not store water in plastic bottles.

  4. Liver cancer and reduced sperm count– Plastic contains the chemical called Phthalates in plastic, when you drink water from a plastic bottle can lead to liver cancer and reduce the sperm level count in males. A recent survey shows that an excessive amount of microplastics have been found in popular water brands.

  5. Vitamin-based bottled water– Now there is again news to attract the buyers that, now companies are manufacturing it like vitamin-enriched-based water bottles to attract people. But it is more harmful because it also contains health-harming chemicals like food dyes, and high fructose corn syrup to make the buyers believe in them.

  6. Impact on the immune system– The most harmful effect is on the human immune system, which is mostly affected when we drink water from plastic bottles. The chemicals generated by bottles are indigested which leads to weakening and disturb the immune system.

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