Anil Ravipudi’s F3 Movie Preview, Pre-release review

All set for the theatrical release of Fun and family entertainment F3 Movie featuring Venkatesh Varun tej, Tamannah, and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada in the lead roles. The movie is all set to hit screens tomorrow worldwide. On this occasion, is giving you insights into what to expect from the movie?

Anil Ravipudi’s F3 Movie Preview, Pre-release review
Anil Ravipudi’s F3 Movie Preview, Pre-release review


The lead actors from F2 are carrying their characters to the F3 movie too. Venkatesh, Varun tej, Tamannah, and Mehreen will be essaying the same characters with different attitudes. While Sunil, Ali, Sonal Chauhan, and a few other characters are brought into the f3 movie. The f3 franchise has grown a lot bigger in terms of characters in the movie.


We have seen the trailer and the trailer indicates Venkatesh’s character is having Night blindness while Varu Tej’s character is having stammering. It is shown that leading ladies and their love for money and what expectations they might go to become rich. The trailer reveals the cunningness of the characters and dumps each other to become rich. The trailer has shown the fun and frustration the characters face when they become over-ambitious for money. It is interesting to see whether the Telugu audience will enjoy the story and how much the movie will impress this time.

F3 Movie Preview

F3 Movie is a sequel to the F2 movie but the entire storyline is different according to the makers. While F2 is purely based on husband & wive’s and their fun and frustration in their married life. Coming to F3 movie this is based on F3 movie and the Fun & frustration caused due to various things involving money. The makers promote the movie as if the story would revolve around money and the trailers also depict the same. So Telugu audience gonna a fun ride in theatres as we already feeling the same and we can easily get connected to money-related fun.

The trailer promises the movie F3 with more fun but telugu audience aremore often then liking the naturally generated fun more then the forced comedy. It is interesting to how the telugu audiences react to forced comedy this time?

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