Ananthagiri Hills is a Perfect Tourist place (Vikarabad), Rangareddy

Ananthagiri hills are also called the backyard of Hyderabad since it is located just 90 km and 1.5-hour drive from Hyderabad, quite close for a weekend getaway. No doubt, this is a place that first comes to Hyderabadi’s mind when it’s to wanting a fresh weekend that is close to nature, the interesting thing about this place is considering its proximity to the city, the place offers so much in a bucket that one may not need to worry about anything, be it an adventure experience. One might think that the place could be having small hills around but let me tell you, the place has its own ancient touch and it is said that the place is considered to be one of the first human settlements in southern India. It has quite a good number of hills and is one of the densest forests in the entire Telangana district. Located just 10km from vikarabad, Rangareddy district, the place is very easily accessible. The hills of Ananthagiri are the main source of water for these two areas, Osman Sagar and Himayatsagar.

Ananthagiri Hills

Amidst this dense forest, there is a temple located as well which is also the origin point of the Musi river and that again adds beauty to the place, apart from this, Ancient caves, forts, and ancient temples make it a perfect destination for nature lovers, trekkers, and adventure seeking people. Going ahead of the lighthouse, one can find the topmost point of the hill which makes it the best viewpoint. Talking about the commute, the roads are well-maintained and need to worry about it, four-wheelers are absolutely good to go and lots of attractive sceneries one can find along the way, the lush green environment and beautiful water stream are so mesmerizing that it can be called as Poor man’s Ooty.

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Now you may be wondering what else is there to explore since the place is in good proximity to the city, leaving pollution behind, the place reveals thousands of stars which is simply not possible from the city, so if one wants to have star gazing experience, this is the place for you and lets me introduce you to a very active astronomy society which often organizes such events and that is Hyderabad Astronomy club, passionate individuals and families get together to watch the starry night sky and lots of discussions.

Now you may be wondering the best time to visit the place, generally, this place offers different things in different seasons but a rainy season with a little bit of drizzling makes it a perfect place for a healthy getaway in case you want to have star-gazing experience then Nov-April is a good time till the place start getting monsoon. So this was all about Ananthagiri hills in Vikarabad.

How to Reach Ananthagiri Hills

if you are coming from Hyderabad, there are two ways for reaching Ananthagiri hills through vikarabad. One route is through the APPA Junction or outer ring road which is approx 60km from the APPA junction.

And the other route is JNTU or KPHB which is approx. 90km after reaching Vikarabad, towards Ananthagiri road.

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