Anand Mahindra said: ‘He will never become the richest – As he Never Wished to be’

The famous Industrialist Anand Mahindra is entertaining the audience with his social media presence, although he recently shared fun posts on Twitter.

Anand Mahindra said 'He will never become the richest because that was never what he wished'
Anand Mahindra said ‘He will never become the richest because that was never what he wished’

A Twitter user asked a question, when will he become the richest person in India, as his rank is 73rd, in richest person in India, so when will he comes on rank 1st? and Anand Mahindra replied to this comment that, the truth is, he will never become India’s richest person, was never his wish.

And after his reply, many people inspired and won the heart of people who lauded his contribution. Here, another user wrote that Great minds always think of our country first, and their contribution to the nation but not on the richest ranks, they also said that people will always admire him and Ratan Tata for many reasons life lives long & safe.

The other people wrote the richest are the ones who don’t need anything more, and one more commented, that they don’t think those who have reached they ever wished to be the richest in the world, they are much beyond such small thinking. As usual, they are just expanding their businesses and abilities, reaching a milestone in the process. 

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, currently has the 91st rank on the list of the richest people list in India. As per Forbes magazine, Anand Mahindra has net worth of $2.1 billion. As per the data list, India’s 100 richest worth is $800 billion.

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