An Advanced Civilization Could Have Ruled Earth Millions of Years Ago, Says the Silurian Hypothesis

Have you ever thought what if there was a civilization millions of years existed before us? May be intelligent more than us? Having said that, the “Silurian hypothesis” is one such hypothesis that says that an advanced civilization could have roamed here on earth millions of years ago, probably around 100 million years before, this hypothesis was presented in 2018 by an Astrophysicist, Adam Frank from the University of Rochester, and Gavin Schmidt, director of Goddard institute of space studies. Now, you may be wondering how come such a personality is presenting though an exciting but weird idea, Adam frank cleared up the misconception to Atlantic press that, it is not often that you write a paper and do not even support it. What they mean is that it is not that they support the idea but curated it to understand the way of finding the different signs of spotting civilizations on another planet.

Advanced Civilization

For example, We know that the dinosaurs roamed here on the planet around 100 million years ago and probably around 150 million years or more, and we humans have been here on the planet for just 100,000 years which is a very small timescale when we think about the timescale of the universe, now imagine if some other species have done the same, how hard it would spot their sign and that’s what makes the research more interesting because it allows us to explore different ways of finding life on other planets.

But this is quite difficult because let’s say, humans survive for another few thousand years but the plastic we are using is going to be there for eons to come after its decomposition but that gets even more complicated because finding those small strata in the soil of another planet is quite difficult but since we humans have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than ever before, this spike can be used to find if there’s any civilization like us who would have done the same but obviously that’s not the only reason behind it, as even our planet earth has faced this kind of carbon spike few millions of years before but that was obviously not because of humans, though we still do not know the answer but these are certain signs of finding out the life in other planets.

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