Alvanpalli Jain Temple, MahabubNagar Telangana

The Alvanpalli Jain temple is located in Alvanpalli, Gollathagudi village of Jadcherla Mandal, MahabubNagar district, Telangana. This temple is a rare brick temple, believed to build in the 7-8th century AD. It is the only brick temple of Jainism there which has unique architectural features and stucco decorations.

Alvanpalli Jain Temple, MahabubNagar Telangana
Alvanpalli Jain Temple, MahabubNagar Telangana

Alvanpalli or the Gollathagudi village is located about 10 km from Jadcherlatown and nearly 30 km from the district headquarters of Mahabubnagar. 

According to the department of archaeology and museums, there are only two ancient structures left in the country that are built of bricks and have some unique architecture. Now, this unique temple is under the protection of the archaeology department, but it has not become a tourist track because there is no way to enter.

It is said that, that the large size bricks have been used to build the temple in old style, and plastered with limestone. Since the bricks were coated so it could not be held together. The principal deity of this temple was Lord Mahavira and one headless statue of Lord Mahavira was found at this temple.

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The temple has become of the subject of research because of its unique architecture. The archaeology team has revealed many Jainism vestiges besides the remaining of Hindu temple, which belongs to medieval times. Jainism sculptures like Mahaveera, Parsvanatha, and other sculptures were found here, and have been shifted to the district Museum, pillalamarri, Mahabubnagar, and the state museum in public gardens, Hyderabad for the preservation of the rest of it.

Hence this is the oldest Jain temple built with bricks and in terracotta, style lies in shambles. According to the Department of Archaeology and Museums, there are only two such structures left in the country. One is the oldest Hindu temple built during the Gupta period dynasty and is located at Bhitargaon under the Kanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. The second one is located in Telangana and was built between the 7th and 8th centuries.

Furthermore, there are similarities between these two, while the one is located in the UP and is the only remaining oldest Hindu temple and the other one is at Alvanpalli in Mahbubnagar district and is the only remaining Jain temple built with bricks and in terracotta style. As the architecture was the same for both of them and only 2 temples are left with such uniqueness. 

But the temple, which was damaged around the 18th century, has been exposed due to the unpredictability of nature. The temple has suffered major damage and no efforts were being made to protect the temple, if it would have protected then it will be in a good position. Even no maintenance to protect it from further damage.

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