All you the yellow stone National Park, the Beauty, and History that Lie Within

Park? A very common word that we all listen to almost on a daily basis right, what it means is basically an area dedicated to a particular location or public. What about the national park? I guess, the word says enough about its importance. This article is about one such national park which was created 150 years before and is being preserved and conserved by people for the next generation, imagine people from the last 150 years have been continuously looking after the park for the upcoming era. The park was created by American president Theodore Roosevelt and now protecting this park is the hallmark of America. One can feel what it means to save the park for the next generations when we realize that our ancestors saved this for us and now we feel lucky to see this beauty.

yellow stone National Park

This park is not just like a normal park but an example of spirituality and has a great history which has inspired many photographers to visit the place and appreciate its nature. The ecosystem built in and around Yellowstone is just so mesmerizing that one does not get inspires for own self but for the next generation itself.

It is important to conserve national parks and conservation of nature worldwide today. The collection of images in this gallery has from the range of the most recent trip to some of the images from their earliest days as a photographer. The park has a multi-decade meaning.

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When the park was built by President Theodore Roosevelt, the American West wasn’t under the expansive urban sprawl that it still stands today, but they are protecting the place for future generations which became a hallmark of America. As they are celebrating the last 150 years, and still wondering what it means to preserve Yellowstone for the next 150 years and beyond.

This Yellowstone is rich in history, going back at least 12,600 years ago, and 27 different Native American nations affiliate with their history with Yellowstone. This is a spiritual place, a place of sustenance, it became the foundation for some of their creation stories and continues to be a vital part of their future.

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