All You Need to know the complete details and Health Benefits of Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

The scientific name of basil leaves is Ocimum basilicum which is a sacred and remarkable herb with various health benefits. The word basil comes from the basilikhon, which is an ancient Greek word that means royal. Well, we don’t know these plants by this name instead we often called it Tulsi and every Indian household has it in their home which they worship every morning.  There are over 60 varieties of basil leaves including curly basil, sweet basil, lemon basil, and holy basil, among all others.

The Basil leaves contain Calcium, Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin K, Manganese, and essential oils. Plus, it has the goodness of antioxidants, including beta-cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene. Here are some of the miraculous health benefits of Basil Leaves.

1. Basil reduces oxidative stress- yes, Basil is a powerhouse of antioxidants. These compounds combat free radicals found in your body. Studies have shown that free radicals as notorious elements that cause damage to the cells and put you at an increased risk of many health complications, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Additionally, basil leaves have flavonoids, which boost the immune system, and reduce the effects of ageing.

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2. Basil helps in preventing cancer- another incredible benefit of basil leaves, this is a different variety of basil leaves and are bioactive plant compounds that protect you from various cancers, such as lung cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer, and liver cancer. Basil leaves also slow down the spread and generation of cancerous cells.

3. Basil benefits digestion- sweet basil contains eugenol. This chemical compound has anti-inflammatory properties that maintain your digestive tract healthy. Basil offers great benefits to your digestive and nervous systems ensuring that you have optimal digestion and a proper pH balance in your body. Furthermore, Basil leaves slow down the process of sugar release in the blood meanwhile, helping in decreasing diabetes.

4. Basil offers excellent skin benefits- Basil contains powerful and healing essential oils that cleanse your skin from deep. And, if you have oily skin, it is a life savior for you. Camphene is a compound in basil that acts as a toner and thus helps in removing the dead cells, surplus oil, and dirt that blocks the follicles. It also works on removing blackheads and whiteheads. It also helps in removing the free radicals that damage the skin and make it look old and tired.

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6. Basil helps fight inflammation in the body- Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and essential oils. It has been proven that oils such as linalool, citronellol, and eugenol help to cure some health conditions, including inflammatory heart ailments, bowel conditions, and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, consuming basil can also help in treating headaches, colds, fevers, coughs, flu, and sore throat.

7. Basil helps you deal with depression- Basil contains a substance called adaptogen which is an anti-stress substance. The studies show that it helps deal with anxiety and depression while stimulating neurotransmitters that control energy and happiness-inducing hormones.

9.  Basil helps prevent heart ailments- basil contains eugenol and different studies show that this chemical compound helps in blocking the calcium channels, and lowering down blood pressure. Also, the essential oils in basil leaves help in reducing the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in your body. Magnesium is present in these leaves which improves blood circulation and allows your blood vessels & muscles to relax, also preventing muscle cramps.

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