All you need to know about Vishwak Sen and Devi Nagavalli Controversy

Vishwak Sen and Devi Nagavalli Controversy

Devi Nagavalli is a senior journalist, newsreader, and ground reporter for the Telugu news channel TV 9. She also participated as a contestant in a Telugu reality show Big Boss Season 4 in 2020.

Vishwak Sen is a Telugu Cinema actor. Some of his films include HIT, Guntur Talkies, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, Falaknuma Express, Paagal, Vellipomakey, DJ Tillu, etc. DJ Tillu is the most recent film among his movies. 

Vishwak Sen and Devi Nagavalli Controversy
Vishwak Sen and Devi Nagavalli Controversy

Vishwak Sen’s new movie is going to be released on the 6th of may this year. So, as a part of movie promotions, he and his team planned to do a prank. They arranged a prank on the busy film Nagar road. 

A man who was a fan of Vishwak Sen comes in front of his car and tries to attempt a suicide attack by pouring petrol on him and lying in front of his car.

This was the prank planned to happen on the film Nagar and this went viral on social media.

At the same time, a High Court Lawyer, Arun Kumar files a complaint against Vishwak Sen to the State Human Rights Commission for creating a public nuisance in the name of their film promotions. 

This kind of created fuzz everywhere and TV 9 informed Vishwak Sen to come to their studio to take an interview. 

But Vishwak Sen entered the TV 9 premises without permission at the wrong time. He entered the Live studio and something was happening between Devi and another guest. 

Devi tried to tell him that he was given another slot and he cannot interrupt this live slot just for the sake of his film publicity. 

But anyways, TV 9 gave him the time and made him sit along with the guest to take the interview. 

During the interview, while asking questions, it was told that Devi had mentioned Vishwak Sen as depressed and Pagal Sen. 

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This made Vishwak Sen very angry and he gave warnings to Devi publicly that he could file an FIR complaint against her. He warned her to get ‘hold of your tongue and mind your words and don’t mention me like that in a louder tone.

This kind of made Devi angry and asked him to ‘Get Out of the studio.

When he was asked to do that, he used f***ing words to her. She kept on telling Get out of the studio until he left the studio.

Later she went to the women’s rights commission to file a complaint against him to publicly accuse her like that in a live call.

This kind of became a hot topic instantly. Later Vishwak Sen gave some interviews explaining what had happened. 

He apologized to Devi Nagavalli for using that word against her. He explained that he used that word immediately just like we use ‘amma’ if we get hurt. He said that he was sorry only for that.

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Recently Ram Gopal Varma has tweeted on Twitter that “I have never seen women looking so much more powerful than a man. Devi Nagavalli is no less than SARKAR”

This statement kind of surprised his fans that he supported Devi Nagavalli. Not only him many celebrities and people were supporting Devi Nagavalli after knowing the whole thing.

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