All you need to know about Undrugonda Fort & Temple

Undrukonda Fort is located at a distance of 10 km from Suryapet town. It is located on a hill, surrounded by thick forest on a vast area of 1,372 acres. The Undrugonda fort and its temples are in a condition of ruin presently. 

The ruins of the Undrugonda fort represent the various methods used in construction during that era. The central pillars of the fort are carved in the traditional Kakatiya style. The fort has a great historical importance and it offers a lot of scopes to understand the rich legacy of the region.

Historians say that the fort was built during Kakatiya times. Later, it was invaded and occupied by the Muslim invaders after the fall of Kakatiyas. Presently, the fort remains are spread across an area of 1 to 3 km along the hillock along with a famous Narasimha Swamy temple here.

Undrugonda Fort & Temple

Ugranarasimhaswamy temple is located in the Undrugondadurgam (fort). The idol of Narasimhaswamy is placed on Garuda Peetam. It was actually a under a natural cave. Later, it was converted as a temple by constructing a Garbhalaya and pillared mandapa. At the foot of the fort, one can find an open mandapa. The ruins of this temple as well as the fort are of archaeological significance as they represent the various methods used in construction during the Kakatiya era. 

The historic fort helps the archaeologists understand the rich legacy of the region. This is an important fort of historical importance in Vemchimla Mandal of the Suryapet district. Not only the fort, but also the Ugranarasimhaswamy temple here represents the historical significance of this region.

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People from all over the surrounding town visit temple during festival occasions. The historically holy temple and the ruins here attract tourists and history lovers from all over. Moreover, the picturesque hillock with a historic backdrop is a must destination to visit if you visit the town.

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