All you need to know about Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary -Unexplored Tourist place of Telangana!

Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 25 km from Badrachalam. It is one of the most beautiful destinations spread across 157,010 acres of forest land. The thing that comes into anyone’s mind when we think of wildlife sanctuaries is the dense forests and the wild animal’s habitats inclusive of rich flora and fauna. All these aspects make the wildlife sanctuaries a favorite place to travel for nature and animal lovers.

Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary
Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary

Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary has everything that a nature lover can expect. The wildlife sanctuary is a gorgeous lake and densely forested islands inside the sanctuary are something special to explore, transforming the entire region into a magic land.

The forest in the wildlife sanctuary is a dry deciduous forest where it contains varieties of trees like teak, bamboo, and other terminals. Moreover, the magnificent beauty of the forest is even more beautified by the rich flora and fauna. The wildlife found in the thick forests of the wildlife sanctuary is Blackbucks, wild boars, chinkaras, jackals, Tigers, etc. 

June to October is considered to be the ideal period to visit the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary. The pleasant climate and the lush green surroundings make your visit here more prevailing around. 

Post-October, due to cold monsoons, most of the wildlife animals get inside their dens to stay warm. So, even if you go to the wildlife sanctuary, spotting the animals will be a bit difficult and you may get to find them only a particular times.

Apart from spotting the wildlife and the lush greenery, there is much more to witness in the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary. Some other popular attractions for visitors in Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary are Kinnerasani Lake, Deer Park, Eco Park, Holiday Home Glass House, Environment Education center, etc. 

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Not only nature lovers and photographers, but all kinds of people of all age groups and even children can also spend a fun time here visiting the Kinnerasani lake, Holiday Home glass house, and environmental education center. 

As the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary, is situated in a remote location in forests, the area is populated by tribal people having habitation here. This place even has a mythological reference as it is believed that some of the events of the great Hindu epic Ramayana have happened here.

Some of the popular and highly recommended activities in the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary are Birdwatching, Jungle Safaris, Nature Photography, etc to explore the beauty of the sanctuary to the fullest possible extent. 

How to reach Kinnerasani Wildlife sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 24 km from Kothagudem and 12 Km from Palvancha town. From there, it is accessible by road and you can take cabs. To have food, there are good restaurants available in both Kothagudem and Palvancha towns.

For accommodation, you can get forest rest houses available at Paloncha, Kothagudem & Bhadrachalam. Telangana Tourism government-operated Haritha Hotel Bhadrachalam which is located 40 km away from the wildlife sanctuary and is a  comfortable resort. 

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