All you Need to Know about Kanishka Soni Who Married to herself

Pavitra Rishtra Kanishka Soni, Marries herself & Shares Several Sindoor Photos

The TV serial actress Kanishka Soni, let me remind you about her. She played a role in the well-known show Diaa Aur Baati hum as the role of Daisa’s Bahu in the show previously. Also in the popular show Pavitra Rishta and Devi Adi Parashakti.

Kanishka Soni, Marries herself
Kanishka Soni, Marries herself

The actress Kanishka Soni created history by marrying herself.  Marrying with self is quite trending these days. On the day when she is celebrating her birthday, the thing which attracted the people is, she is wearing Mangalsutra and putting sindoor, and she shared her picture with the look and posted it on social media as a major life update to the fans and announced that she married to herself or self-married. The trend of self-marrying or Sologamy marriages comes after a woman named Kshama Bindu, a resident of Vadodara, married herself on June 11 and she became the first woman in India to do a Sologamy marriage.

Kanishka wrote the caption, that she married herself since she has fulfilled all of her dreams on her own and the only person she is in love with is herself only, and she doesn’t need any Man Ever. She is happy always alone & in solitude with the guitar and the goddess, Strong & Powerful, shiva & Shakti everything is inside.

Her fans after knowing about self-marriage, some dropped their good wishes, like best of luck, and another one said, cool and cute, also one said, beautiful picture with a beautiful Soni. But also some other netizens are trolling on social media. Well, Kanishka is going to make her debut with a Hollywood project with the name of Choice is yours. Furthermore, she has exited the entire Indian Cinema Industry and joined the Hollywood Industry soon!

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