All You Need To Know About Kadem River

Kadem River

Kadem river originated in the Dedra reserved Forest and surpluses from Bazarhatnoor Tank in Adilabad District.

The river outflows into Godavari near Dasturabad, Dasturabad Mandal in Adilabad District. It flows in the Adilabad and Nirmal districts in the state of Telangana.

Kadem (Kadam) River is a tributary of Godavari that originates from the hills of Dedra reserved Forest surpluses from Bazarhatnoor Tank in Adilabad District and runs South East direction for a length of 86Kms and joins river Godavari at Dasturabad village, Dasturabad Mandal in Nirmal District.

At a distance of 80th km is the Kaddam Project also known as Kaddam Narayana Reddy Project is a Major Reservoir across river Kadem near Kaddam Mandal, Nirmal District. After traversing a distance of 6.5km from the Dam the Kadem river joins the Godavari.

The Kuntala Waterfalls are formed on the Kadem river at Kuntala village. The waterfall originated from the confluence of several ponds that lead to the river Kadem and it again cascades down as two separate waterfalls adjacent to each other.

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