All you Need to About Gundala Waterfalls Asifabad, Telangana – Interesting Facts & How To Reach

Gundala Waterfalls is situated near Gundala Village in Tiryani Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad, Telangana, India. The scenic and the lesser crowded waterfall is present in the dense forests of remote Gundala village in Tiryani Mandal of Kumram Bheem Asifabad district. The magnificent waterfalls are located around 300 kilometers from Hyderabad.

Gundala Waterfalls Asifabad, Telangana
Gundala Waterfalls Asifabad, Telangana

There are two routes to go, from the Mancherial district to reach the waterfalls. One of the routes is via Dandepally. One can reach a kilometer nearby to the waterfall through this route. But you can miss the serene atmosphere and the beauty if you travel this route as it is a shortcut. People who can’t afford much time but want to watch over the beauty of the waterfall can choose this route. 

But, people who have ample time with them can walk amidst of forest and cherish the beautiful green sceneries have to taking the route to the waterfall via Thiryani. Only nature lovers would tend to visit the spot by trekking the uneven rocky path for over 10 kilometers crossing flooding streams. 

On this journey, one has to stop their vehicle at Rompapally village and has to walk ahead through the forest. The journey from here would be around seven to eight km. And too, in the route, one has to reach the waterfall by climbing over two hills and crossing two valleys of flowing water. The path isn’t much steep and one can reach it when walking carefully. The path is filled with huge rocks, that lets you cherish the greenery in the forest, inch by inch. 

As you reach the waterfalls, the chirping sounds of various birds in rhythm with the gushing water flowing through the curves of the valley will leave you mesmerized. 

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You’ll get to see local tribal people’s minimalistic lifestyle with less technology and hassle-free life. Overall, the journey not only needs time to reach the waterfalls but also needs energy as the route is full of uneven terrain. But, in the end, when you reach the waterfalls, your soul will be surely filled with happiness.

Some interesting facts about the waterfall

Pushpala Rama Rao, a Sub-Inspector of Tiryani has posted a video on his Facebook and WhatsApp groups. A user of Twitter posted this clip on the micro-blogging site. This clip has gained nearly 8,000 views. The video then became popular and many account holders on Twitter started sharing the video. The viewers are enquiring about the accessibility and location of the natural wonder.

Although the waterfall has ample potential to become one of the major tourist spots in the district, it has failed to do so. This may be because of poor basic amenities such as road connectivity, accommodation, and toilets. A few travel enthusiasts would tend to visit the spot by trekking the treacherous rocky paths for over 10 kilometers crossing the water streams.

One can reach the falls from Rompalli village in Tiryani Mandal after arriving at Asifabad by train or bus. 

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