All you know Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple Peddapalli

Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in Sundilla Village, Kamanpur Mandal, Pedddapalli District, Telangana State, India. The temple is a historic temple having a lot of significance since ancient times.

Our Hindu mythology says that Lord Narasimha Swamy is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Narasimha Swamy appears to save his devotee Prahalada from the clutches of his demon father Hiranyakashipa. The Lord Narasimha (Man-Lion) is considered the fourth incarnation among the major ten incarnations of Lord Narayana. In India, the birth of Lord Narasimha is celebrated with faith and joy on the fourteenth day of the Telugu month, Vaishakha.

Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple Peddapalli

There are many other temples present throughout the world dedicated to Lord Narasimha. He is worshipped in various forms such as Ugra-Narasimha, and Lakshmi-Narasimha. In Sundial Village, Telangana, the Lord is called and honored as Yoga-Narasimha. The ancient temple was architecturally modified by the Kaktiyas during their dynasty in the 13th Century. 

How to reach Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, Peddapalli

Peddapalli is at a distance of 64 km from Karimnagar. You can take a bus to Peddapalli from most major cities/towns in this region as it lies on the route connecting to the important industrial center of Godavarikhani. Ramagundam is around 27 km away from Peddapalli. Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Godavarikhani Bus Station.

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