All you know Drinks that help you to stay cool in summer

Bye Bye winter and welcoming summer. As summer is already here, and the increasing temperatures and humidity are the worst part of the summer. Well, there are not many people who like summer but I am the person who likes summer when there is medium temperature, but hates the high temperatures. Summer means getting dehydrated all of the time, summer means increasing temperature, and the cravings for cold drinks, and ice creams add the points.

Summer is the season of mangoes, soft drinks, and ice creams to beat the heat and heat-related issues. Water is the primary source of drinking and beating the heat as your body loses water due to sweating. So, to beat the summer prepare any kind of healthy drinks for hydration.

1. Buttermilk– the most preferable drink in the summertime to relieve you from the heat of summer and refresh your body. You can make it in different types you can add some coriander leaves and cumin powder to add some taste or can have plain buttermilk with a pinch of salt and ice. As buttermilk is very good for digestion and your stomach.


2. Sugarcane Juice– Sugarcane juice is considered the most hydrated drink in heating summers. Sugarcane juice is a natural remedy for many stomach heating problems and also can be taken as a boost or energy drink. As it deals with dehydration and keeps your body hydrated, it helps in building the body fluids and plasma to deal with fatigue problems.

Sugarcane Juice

3. Lemonade– the classic drink in summer, lemonade is the one which you will prefer first when it comes to summer drinks. As lemonade is very tasty, tangy, and salty. Nimbu Pani is very famous in India after drinking chilled or mild cold lemonade you will feel very relaxed in your throat and stomach which blows due to the heat.


4. Aam Panna– Mango is considered widely in heating summers, also mango is the favorite fruit and drinks in this time of summer. Mango can be used to make different types of drinks like Mago juice, Aam Panna, Fruity, Mango shake, and others. Well, one of the famous mango drinks is Aam Panna, which is prepared by adding black salt, cumin, mint leaves, and sugar to the mango pulp. It refreshes you and boosts your energy throughout the day.

Aam Panna

5. Jaljeera– the favorite drink from childhood, we ran for Jaljeera drink in the streets. This is all you need after a tiring day. Drinking this after coming to your office, or school will make you feel relaxed and refreshes your mood. Even it is good for people having digestion problems. Just some make the drink with lots of ice and good.


6. Watermelon Juice– the good fruit for keeping you hydrated is mango and watermelon. It has various benefits, and one of them is its water. You can make watermelon juice for a refreshing summer drink. You’ll instantly feel hydrated as it leaves a sweet taste behind.

Watermelon Juice

7. Coconut Water– just one glass of coconut water you need when you feel dehydrated and it instantly refreshes you and enhances your mood. It also works as an electrolyte and keeps you hydrated all the time, just need to sip on coconut water when you are about to go.

Coconut Water

8. Barley Water– This drink is one of the oldest drinks for good health. To make this drink, mix some barley with water, boil it, and leave it for some time to cool down. Add some pinch of salt, and lemon, and mix it with honey, will refresh your mood.

Barley Water

9. Kokum Juice– Kokum juice is highly recommended in summer. As Kokum is High in antioxidants and anti-diabetic levels, that will help to reduce heat, indigestion, and acidity. It controls the blood sugar levels by pumping up insulin levels. It also helps in low cholesterol levels making it extremely good for people with blood pressure issues.

Kokum Juice

10. Bael Sharbat– Bael is popularly known as a wood apple, and bael is a coolant. It is rich in antioxidant levels which makes it very good for a person and helps in a great solution for digestion, skin infections, diarrhea, and other things. It has high antioxidant levels making it a great solution for digestion, skin infections, and diarrhoea even. It is a blood purifier and is a house of vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.

Bael Sharbat

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