All information about Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan

Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan is located in the Wanaparthy district. The first capital of the Samsthan was Thippadam valley. Later the capital was shifted to Atmakur which is present on the left bank of the Krishna River. The surname of the family is Mukkaravaru. Let us know the hierarchy of the Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan in detail.

Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan
  1. 1292 AD : Gona Budha Reddy
  2. Sri Gopal Reddy: He was the real founder of the Amarachinta samsthanam.
  3. Pedda Gopi Reddy
  4. Chinna Gopi Reddy
  5. Chandra Reddy
  6. Ramakrishna Reddy
  7. Tirumala Rao
  8. Sahebu Reddy
  9. Emmedi Gopi Reddy II
  10. Sarva Reddy
  11. Chinna Reddy Desai
  12. Saiva Reddy
  13. Thimma Reddy I
  14. Emmadi Saheb Reddy I
  15. Bukka Reddy
  16. Lakshma Reddy
  17. Sheshadri Reddy
  18. Thatha Reddy
  19. Thimma Reddy II
  20. Somi Reddy
  21. Chinna Venkat Reddy
  22. 1803 AD : Pedda Venkat Reddy
  23. Balakrishna Reddy
  24. Soma Bhupala
  25. Sitaram Bhupala
  26. Srimanth Savai Raja
  27. Sri Rama Bhupala
  28. Savai Rani Bhagya Laximmama

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