Top 3 Best Traditional Gujarati Lehenga Choli Ideas for weddings in 2023!

All about The Traditional Gujarati Lehengas

Fashion: As we all know India is a land of diversity in unity with various traditions, religions, and languages. The varied cultural differences blend and shine among people making it unique. 

Understanding and experiencing every bit of Indian traditions is not an easy task because of its diversity. But weddings are a great way to experience the cultures, community, and diversity. At weddings, you can get to experience the food, clothes, life, people’s mindset, rituals, gender equations, family hierarchy, and more. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the culture and traditions behind Gujarati bridal lehengas. One cannot deny the fact that bridal wear is one of the important aspects of a marriage. These are not just outfits, but there are specific traditions behind them rooted in Gujarati traditions.

Traditional Bridal Panetar Saree 

The traditional outfit of Gujarati brides is dominated by two main colors that are white and red. The Gujarati bridal saree is also called Panesar. 

There are many different types of designer lehenga choli available in the market that can create the perfect wedding look. But many Gujarati families prefer their girls to wear the traditional cream/white and red saree at least for the sake of wedding rituals.

With the change in fashion trends over the years, the regular traditional Panetar saree has been modified nowadays. The traditional Panetar saree is now available in different embroideries, fabric, and embellishments making them have endless varieties. 

Nowadays we can see many women choose a Panetar style designer wedding lehenga choli for their wedding that is in white/cream and red colors. It is the current favorite for Gujarati brides but is still managing to adhere to the traditional customs with a modern and fashion twist.

Traditional Gujarati Bridal Panetar Saree lehengas
Traditional Gujarati Bridal Panetar Saree lehengas

Gujarati brides traditionally accessorize with a lot of heavy golden and Kundan jewelry to get that rich bridal look. Their choice of jewels usually includes a Kundan necklace, heavy earrings, or Jhukass, known as ‘Kan Ni Butti’ in Gujarati, finger rings, nose rings, armlets, anklets, bangles, hair ornaments, Maang tikka, and a Kamarbandh.

Ghar Chola Lehengs, a gift from the Groom’s family

Gujarati traditional outfits usually include an array of colors ranging from classic red and white, flaming Orange, deep yellow, and dark pink which are very auspicious for weddings and functions in Gujarat.

Apart from Panetar sarees, Gujarati brides also wear Bandhani sarees for their wedding ceremonies. The traditional Bandhani saree is also called Gharchola in Gujarati. Gharchola is a traditional outfit made out of red/maroon and green colors with Bandhani work and thread embroidery.

Gharchola is gifted by the mother-in-law to the bride so that she wears it during the ‘Bidai’ ceremony. The Bidai ceremony is when the bride leaves her parent’s home for her husband’s home.

Gharchola is made up of meticulous handwork by many artists woven with cotton silk fabric to create a beautiful grid-like pattern that perfectly suits the characteristics of the wedding. Each checkbox in the grid pattern is hand-tied to produce fine Bandhani patterns and then it is dyed in traditional colors. 

The finished saree is even more beautified with hand embroidery work. Gharchola sarees are usually depicted with the bride, groom arriving on a horse, the band the trumpet blowers, and wedding party following him, traditional animal and bird patterns, etc on it. 

Patan Patola Lehengas

Patan Patola is a glorious saree with great historic values that are an integral part of Gujarati culture and weddings. Patan Patola is considered the symbol of good luck and is offered to goddesses and ladies of the family during weddings. But, Patan Patolas are quite expensive and are passed on through generations as family heirlooms.

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