Alia Bhatt : I Will Not Quit films for Motherhood

In India, mostly women quit their job for motherhood, I am not just talking about Bollywood celebrities or actresses, I am saying in general terms that most of the women in the country quit their jobs after becoming the mother for the first time, and devote their whole time in taking care of her child.

Alia Bhatt : I Will Not Quit films for Motherhood
Alia Bhatt : I Will Not Quit films for Motherhood

Well, it totally depends on the situation they are facing, some mothers work during all three trimesters, but some quit their jobs after the first trimester. Motherhood is not easy, it is really difficult but that doesn’t mean that you sacrifice your career, this is the choice of the women whether they want to work or not, some choose career over motherhood, and some choose motherhood over career. And some women just take maternity leaves and rejoin after one or two months of the delivery.

Here is the same choice that the popular actress Alia Bhatt to do after motherhood.

The actress Alia Bhatt, who is married to actor Ranbir Kapoor, has been working in films and promoting them during her first pregnancy. She said she doesn’t need rest during her pregnancy and she’s healthy and fit. She also said that she will sign new films after a few months of maternity leave. Additionally, she will not quit the film after becoming a full-time mother.

On this note, during the promotion of her movie Bhramastra and after spreading the news of the couple’s pregnancy media questioned them if he and his family would allow work Alia Bhatt after motherhood.  Actor Ranbir Kapoor said, Alia is a very busy working star in this film industry and he doesn’t want her to sacrifice her dreams just because she has a child.

He further added that they have to somewhere plan out a balanced life where they both can enjoy their personal and professional life.

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