Adivasi Jangubai Cave Temple – Sri Jangubai Temple Pilgrimage, Adilabad – Complete Details

The Jangubai temple pilgrimage, for the Gond tribes the Jangubai pilgrimage is the major festival or event for them not only just the religious even a socio-culture evolution. The goddess Jangubai also known as Raitaar Jango is the Sadar pen or the chief goddess of the eight Gond sagas and therefore the most worshiped goddess of all the mythological personalities in Adivasi custom. 

Jangubai Temple Pilgrimage
Jangubai Temple Pilgrimage

The Kota parandoli gram panchayat on the Telangana border in Kerameri Mandal of Komaram Bheem Asifabad district came into the spotlight on 31st December when the Jangubai pilgrimage was going on. The thousands of Gonds people, Kolams, and Pradhan of the Adilabad and neighboring districts visit the ancient cave for the festival to revere the goddess Jangubai situated in the picture located on the hillock by the side of the hill stream. 

However, The Jangubai Cave Temple and the Kaplai Caves are considered pilgrimage sites by aboriginal tribes like Gond, Pradhan, and Kolam. Well, there is nothing much has changed if we compare it to the modern world. If you reach there you will feel like you have gone back in times of hundred years ago while reaching the caves.

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People are still following the ancient customs and traditions of the ancient customs like reaching the temple in Bullock cart caravans, able-bodied walking bare feet, and others like that. before meeting the real Goddess Jangubai in the cave temple, the devotees of the respective villages come in caravans and the devotees bring their deity here, give it a Ganga snan or bathe it in the Topla Kasa spot in the local hill stream before meeting to the goddess in the temple. 

Among the other important custom that has been seen observed at the temple are the offerings made by devotees who had their wishes fulfilled. In this custom, the villagers in a given habitation have to decide the date of their pilgrimage. They started traveling together in bullock cart caravans making one- or two-night stops in between the route depending upon the distance to be covered.

Furthermore, even the caravan can take a whole week for the two-way journey through the jungles and dense forest areas. For those who want to reach the location by motor vehicle, they can take the road from Lokari in Narnoor Mandal of Adilabad district to Maharajguda, and then to the cave temple is the only motorable route they can opt for.

In this Jangubai temple pilgrimage, Hundreds of Gonds from the States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Telangana are visiting the Jangubai temple situated in a set of four caves on a hill on the banks of a hill stream. According to the research, Jangubai and Pahandi Pari Kuphar Lingo gave the Gonds their social structure and they together rescued the gods of the 12 Gond clans who were imprisoned in the caves at Kachargadh. 

Goddess Jangubai as created the Sarpe saga or eight clans of Gonds before making the cave temple at Kota-Parandoli. The Sarpe saga comprises the clans Tumram, Kodapa, Raisidam, Salam, Vetti, Here Kumre, Marapa, and Mandadi, each of which has a kathoda or a priest, and all conducting proceedings during the religious or holy month of the Jangubai temple, which is known as her mahal or palace. 

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