Adibatla Vaishali Incident – In daylight kidnap drama in Hyderabad

A 24-year-old dentistry student in Adibatla was kidnapped from her house in daylight. That was the day of her engagement, and she was kidnapped before her engagement. The kidnappers arrived in 4 cars and a truck at her house and also destroy her house at Turkayamjal and did violence to her family.

Adibatla Vaishali Incident - In daylight kidnap drama in Hyderabad
Adibatla Vaishali Incident – In daylight kidnap drama in Hyderabad

However, the Rachakonda police rescued the student, M Vaishali Reddy, and her family filed an FIR against K Naveen Reddy, they are accusing him of all of this caused by him and also, they said, that he was stalking and troubling her for a long time. The family members have filed a complaint against him and also made a case on kidnapping, attempt to murder, and trespass. Even the police arrested 31 people also.

Naveen is a businessman who is running a business in beverages and currently making a new branch opposite Vaishali’s home. After this incident, Vaishali’s family members and relatives destroyed his branch. 

According to the reports, Vaishali and Naveen met a few months ago and he approached her family with a marriage proposal but Vaishali do not like or love Naveen so directly rejected him. She revealed that, During the lockdown, Naveen used to play badminton with us. That’s how they got to know each other. He opened a fake Instagram account and morphed her photos and harassed her. And she also filed a complaint about this three months ago, but the police did nothing. If the police had taken action, that would not have happened. 

Fortunately, Vaishali was rescued within six hours of the incident and now Naveen claims that he had married Vaishali and that she wanted to live with him against her parents’ wishes. 

Vaishali briefly described the incident and said it was a well-planned plan. First, Naveen Reddy called everyone to his office in the name of the party. After that, he arranged liquor for them and took all the people, and attacked the house Police arrested 32 people with Naveen Reddy. She clawed and bitten in the car. Dr. Vaishali said that he threatened to kill her father. They treated her very rudely when she screamed for help while being kidnapped and taken away. Naveen and six people were in the car.

Adibatla is a dental student, Vaishali further said that they physically assaulted her. Naveen thrashed her severely in the car and gave blows to her face. She even dials 100 when the incident happened but it took some time to get a call back from them. Naveen threatened her and told her that he will get bail within hours.

Vaishali said that the on the day he is claiming that marriage took place, she was under treatment at the Army Dental hospital. and unknowingly, Naveen Reddy made her nominee in the car insurance and she didn’t sign any papers. She requested the police to issue shoot-at-sight orders at the accused and asked for protection for her and her family. 

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