Popular South Indian Actress Being Harassed by Servant

Last month it was reported that two watches worth Rs 9 lakh, an iPhone worth Rs 1.5 lakh, and a laptop worth Rs 2 lakh were stolen from actress Parvathy Nair’s house in Nungambakkam. Parvathy filed a complaint against her domestic help Subhash Chandra Bose at the Nungambakkam police station.

However, Subhash from Pudukottai has made some serious allegations against Parvathi Nair. He claimed that the actress framed him in this case because he had seen unknown people visiting her house during nighttime. 

Talking to News18, he even said that the actress slapped him, spit on him often, and mentally harassed him often ever since he noticed the people visiting her home. She even threatened him that she will file a sexual assault against him.

Actress Parvathy Nair Comments On Her Servant named Subhash

Actress Parvathy Nair Comments On Her Servant Subhash
Actress Parvathy Nair Comments On Her Servant Subhash

On this Parvathy Nair said, “Over the weekend, there are many news clips, articles, and publications made concerning me alleging baseless accusations. I make this press release to clarify my stand on the issue at hand and to put an end to the hoax.”

She further mentioned, “Even though there are several publications, it primarily alleges that I physically assaulted and abused Mr. Subash Chandra Bose. I deny all such allegations as they are absolutely false and are made to harass and defame me. Since my belongings were stolen, I lodged a complaint and secured an FIR on 20.10.2022 on the file of Nungambakkam Police Station against the said Mr. Subash Chandra Bose and others. 

Since he was evasive in his reply, I had to lodge a police complaint to recover my belongings. Just out of pure spite, he has gone ahead and published scandalous and false information against me on social media. His interview and his statement are totally false and I deny such allegations made squarely.”

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