Actress Megha Akash mother to become Producer?

Moms of heroines are always stereotyped as people who exploit their daughter’s stardom and grab a lot of money from the producers. This is not entirely true as there are some mothers of actresses who are turning into producers themselves.

We have seen Madhu Chopra floating her own banner named ‘Purple Pebble Pictures’ and producing a few movies along with her daughter Priyanka Chopra.

Now, adorable heroine Megha Akash’s mom is turning into a producer. Megha Akash is known for her movies like ‘LIE’, ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’, ‘Thoota’ and many others. She acted in a lot of Telugu and Tamil movies and secured a good fanbase.

Her mother Bindu Akash has become a producer and the news is that she is making a film which will be directed by Abhimanyu Baddi. Megha Akash will play the lead in this flick.

A breezy love story is being readied by Sushanth Reddy who directed ‘Dear Megha’ recently.

Bindu Akash will co-produce this movie along with Abhishek Kota under ‘Trippyflix Studios’ and ‘Kota Film Factory’ banners. The official announcement was made on Valentine’s Day and the rest of the details will be revealed soon.

Coming to Megha Akash, she was one of the female leads in ‘Raja Raja Chora’ and she is also one of the five heroines in Ravi Teja’s upcoming flick ‘Raavanasura’.

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