8 Inspiring Stories Of Girls From The Indian Hockey Who Created History At Tokyo Olympics

This is the moment where the internet flooded with tweets regarding, Chak De India turned out to be true. This story is about the team, the eight girls who did not give up, no matter their previous failure. They bounced back and performed the way they did which made all 1.3 billion Indians proud to call them their daughter.

Below are the inspiring stories of girls from Indian Hockey team who defeated all odds to shine like stars:

  1. Rani Rampal
    Rani used to practice hockey with broken hockey sticks, and today she is the youngest player in the national women’s hockey team representing India.

Rani belonged to a very humbled and not financially flourished family. Her mother worked as a house help and her father pulled carts earning not more than Rs 100 per day. She used to watch players from faraway and got inspired by them. Her father obviously couldn’t afford a hockey stick for her, so she started playing and practicing with a broken stick.

During an interview with The Better India she said,

“I grew up in a place where young women and girls were restricted to the four walls of their home. So, when I expressed my wish to play hockey, neither my parents nor my relatives supported me. My parents come from a humble background and weren’t very educated. They did not think sports could be a career path, not for girls at least. Besides, my relatives would often tell my father, ‘What will she do playing hockey? She will run around the field wearing a short skirt and bring a bad name to your family’.”

The entire scenario has now changed. Since people are proud of her, she gets congratulated, patted on her back when she is home. She literally showed how motivation and the right space of mind could do anything.

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