7 Simple & Effective Tips to Cut Your Hair At Home Easily!

Simple tips to Cut Your Hair At Home

Learning to cut your hair by yourself is an added advantage in some situations. Some of the examples are when you don’t have time to visit the salon for a haircut and the recent covid time when all the salons were closed.

It is not good to neglect to trim your hair just because of the situation. So let us know about some of the simple tips with which you can cut your hair easily at home.

Simple tips to Cut Your Hair At Home
Simple tips to Cut Your Hair At Home

Requirements to have a good haircut


Always invest in good-quality scissors to make your haircut. Scissors with razor-sharp edges help in cutting your hair easily and prevent it from moving around too much while you trim your hair.

Hair clips

To have a good haircut, it is important to clip up your hair into different sections. This can help you to cut your hair in a good shape with ease.

Remove small sections

It is important to cut your hair carefully because once you do something wrong you cannot get your hair back. 

So always cut your hair in a shorter length than required. Repeat until you get your desired shape and length.

Avoid horizontal lines

Do not make a blunt horizontal line throughout the section of your hair. Divide your hair into partitions and cut one partition at a time. First, make a single horizontal cut to remove the section of the hair. After that, make some vertical and horizontal cuts to give a good shape to your hair at the ends.

Be cautious

It is difficult to cut curly, short, and frizzy hair. So you have to be a bit more cautious if you have a similar hair texture.

Also, you can feel free to take some help from others. If you are doing this for the first time, taking some others’ help can make your task easier.

Prerequisites for cutting hair

Below mentioned are some of the steps which you have to follow before trimming hair.

  • Wash your hair properly and let it dry completely. Do not get a haircut while it is wet because the hair shrinks as it dries. So you can avoid removing too much hair if you trim it on dry hair.
  • Also, make sure to brush your hair properly and remove all the tangles before cutting your hair. This can help you in trimming your hair evenly.
  • Always have clippers and the comb on the side. Use them whenever required to make your task easier.
  • Cover your shoulder and neck with an old towel to prevent the hair from falling on your body.

How to cut split ends

Split ends are present at the bottom of your hair and, these should be trimmed because they retard the growth of your hair.

So to trim the split ends, divide your hair into several sections and clip them up. Take one section at a time and trim that section by holding scissors vertically by removing short snips of your hair. This is called the pointcut method.

Repeat the same process for all sections of your hair. This way you can easily cut your split ends at home.

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