7 Most Famous Flower Festivals and Events to Attend in India

Hey guys, what if I tell you that there is a flower festival in our country, like other festivals? You might have heard of the Sakura festival or Cherry Blossom in Japan or the Pasadena Rose Parade in California. They are celebrating flower festivals every year and these flower festivals are quite popular. As I asked you, do you know that these types of festivals even exist? But most of us do not know about such kinds of festivals existing within our very nation’s walls.

The festivals are celebrated every year throughout the year and the different parts of the country with spectacular flower shows. Let me tell you about these types of celebrations in the country where the cities host the most beautiful flower festivals.

1. The Rose Festival- the three days rose flower festival held in Chandigarh, – Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in the month of February. The 40-acre rose garden is planted with several different types of roses, 829 of them. It has hybrid teas rose, blue rose, climber rose, miniature rose, green rose, black rose, and more. Here you can also enjoy some activities like folk dances, traditional dance competitions, short plays, Mr and Miss Rose competitions, flower cutting and arrangement contests, and more.

The Rose Festival

2. The Tulip Festival– the Tulip festival hosts in Srinagar, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, in the month of March to April. However, the number of days depends on the blooming period of the flowers. This garden, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is Asia’s largest garden of tulips where you will witness around 70 kinds of tulips, namely double bloom, parrot tulips, fringed tulips, Rembrandt, standard tulips, bi-colour standard tulips, lily-flowering tulips and more.

The Tulip Festival

3. The Flower Show- the three-day flower show hosts in the month of May in Ooty, Government Botanical Garden. The flower show displays approx 93 kinds of flowers and 42 kinds of potted flowering plants, some varieties are carnations, liliums, gerberas, alstroemeria, iris, orchids, tulips, dahlias, and more.

The Flower Show

4. Dasara Flower Show- the 12-day Dasara Flower show hosts in the month of September or in October in Mysore, Nishad Bagh. Here the huge varieties of roses and orchids are displayed artistically with floral concepts like ikebana, etc. the other key attraction of the show are outstanding formations made from flowers like the dolphins, Lotus Temple, tree house, etc.

Dasara Flower Show

5. International Flower Festival- This festival is 30 days long or a month-long festival. The international flower show hosts in the month of April or May in Gangtok, White Hall. This festival is considered one of the best and must-see flower festivals in India. The White Hall in Gangtok, the flowers’ colors and immense extreme beauty with rare and great varieties of native orchids, gladioli, magnolias, rhododendrons, foliage, and ferns on display.

International Flower Festival

6. Cherry Blossom Festival– the Himalayan cherry blossom- the cherry blossom festival held in Shillong in the month of November. And every street of Shillong has lightened up with flowers thanks to the fully bloomed Cherry Blossom trees. Additionally, this festival is also celebrated in Japan and the United States. This festival also features fashion shows, rock concerts, guided night walks, stalls showcasing local food, wine, and craft, and also Japanese cultural events.

Cherry Blossom Festival

7. Lalbagh Flower Show- 7 days or a week Lalbagh flower show is host in Bangalore, Lalbagh Botanical Garden twice a year, on Republic and Independence Day. In this flower show, there are over 1000 species of well-maintained tropical plants, some of which are in the shape of palaces, royal animals, and monuments, and also based on the patriotic theme of the events. In 2019, the Lalbagh Flower Show was based on Mahatma Gandhi.

Lalbagh Flower Show

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