7 Latest Peplum Kurti Styling Ideas To Try In 2023

When it comes to creating gorgeous looks be it in the Western sense or the Indian traditional sense, the peplum top is there at your rescue. With the festive season around the corner, Peplum Kurtis is all you need to pick that resonates with your personality best.

Latest Peplum Kurti Styling Ideas To Try
Latest Peplum Kurti Styling Ideas To Try

What is a Peplum Kurti?

Peplum Kurti is a short and evenly gathered pleated strip of fabric that is attached to the waist of the women’s top wear. Peplum Kurti can beautifully accentuate your upper body by fitting you perfectly and also add bounce by creating a flare from the waistline.

The best part about the peplum Kurti is that it suits women of all body types and ages. Depending upon the designs and patterns of the Kurti you can wear it for work, casual occasions, and even for festivals.

Significance of Peplum Kurti

The history of the peplum top dates back to 1940 when it was a popular choice in the USA. The jacket with peplum detailing was especially popular and led to a wide fanbase of this simple and elegant design all over the world. In this article, we are going to discuss different ways to style a peplum, Kurti.

Styling your peplum Kurti may seem daunting especially if you have never worn this piece of a garment before. Styling a peplum Kurti is similar to styling a conventional Kurti but in a more fun way.

1. Peplum Kurti with Dhoti

Styling a peplum Kurti with dhoti pants is one of the most preferred and popular choices among women as it gives the perfect balance between cultural comfort and style. This outfit combination can be suitable for any casual events, work, and party gatherings.

Peplum Kurti with Dhoti
Peplum Kurti with Dhoti

Since you are pairing up the voluminous peplum Kurti with loose dhoti pants, make sure you wear proper accessories to attain a sophisticated look. Oxidized silver jewelry goes well with this outfit combination and creates an artistic and rustic look. You can also try out wearing Kolhapuris as footwear to match the vibe of the outfit.

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