7 Best & Most Popular Silk Sarees from different Regions In India

Silk saree designs and outfit ideas

Sarees are the most popular and traditional outfits in India. Sarees are popularly known all over the world due to their uniqueness in draping and richness of the fabric.

One such rich fabric used to make sarees is silk which makes it suitable to wear for weddings and events. Silk sarees are classified into various groups according to the region and tradition.

Here in this article let us discuss the different types of silk sarees which have different patterns and can be worn for different occasions.

Kanjeevaram/Kanchipuram silk sarees

Kanjeevaram silk sarees originated from a small village named Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu state.

They’re one of the most popular silk sarees and are adopted by many women for various occasions across the country.

These are especially popular in South India and are traditionally worn by brides during their weddings.

In this article, we have taken the example of Deepika Padukone who has worn kanjeevaram sarees for various occasions and events. 

Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees
Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees

She has worn a bright golden Kanchipuram saree for her wedding reception. This bright golden saree looks so royal and elegant. 

She has opted for a long sleeve and the boat neck ivory hue blouse to match the saree. 

For the accessories part, she has worn a green emeralds embedded choker, matching earrings, and a pearl necklace. 

Not only the golden color saree, but she has also slayed with kanjeevaram sarees on many occasions. One such example is she has worn a bright pink color saree with a heavy gold print border for attending a wedding. She always makes a bun and decorates it with gajra to compliment the kanjeevaram saree.

Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are one of the most expensive silk sarees and are popularly known across the country. Banarsi sarees originated from Varanasi and are usually woven with gorgeous gold or silk threads.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Banarasi saree for various occasions and events.

Tamannah in Banarasi sarees
Tamannah in Banarasi sarees

There are various types of Banarasi sarees which you can choose from according to your taste and the kind of occasion. 

  • Katan sarees

Katan sarees are the most expensive and are woven with pure silk. This makes the Katan sarees the right choice for weddings and celebrations.

  • Shattir sarees

Shattir sarees on the other hand are quite affordable to purchase. These are made with lightweight fibers and make them easy to wear for everyday fashion and low-key events.

  • Tissue saree

Tissue type is one of the most delicately woven Banarasi sarees. They are extremely lightweight and are woven with golden zari which makes them suitable to wear for various occasions.

  • Butidaar

Butidaar sarees are famous for their dense work and are woven with opulent fibers like gold, silver, and silk. The contrast between the gold and silver threads in the saree is known as the Ganga-Jamuna pattern by the weavers. 

These are some of the varieties of banarsi sarees and you can choose the right kind of banarsi saree as per your taste.

Here is the picture of actress Tamannah wearing a gorgeous pink Banarasi saree. She has paired up with the same color blouse with a boat neckline to match the saree. For the hairstyle, she has chosen to tie up her hair in a bun with gajra to give a more traditional twist to the outfit.

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Gadwal silk saree

Gadwal silk saree is one of the popular types of silk sarees originating from Andhra Pradesh.

The saree is woven with simple motifs which are inspired by architecture, floral, or nature. The specialty of the saree is that the body of the saree is made of cotton and the border is made of silk. 

Here in this picture, Shilpa Reddy has stolen a graceful look with a Gadwal saree. She has accessorized with golden jewelry to get the royal look to match the outfit.

Shilpa Reddy in Gadwal Silk Saree
Shilpa Reddy in Gadwal Silk Saree

Dharmavaram silk sarees

Dharmavaram silk sarees originated from the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Dharmavaram sarees are mostly preferred during weddings. These traditional sarees have gold-plated borders and artwork print which makes them desirable to many women across South India.

Dharmavaram silk sarees
Dharmavaram silk sarees

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Pochampally ikkat silk saree

Pochampally silk sarees originated from Telangana in South India. These traditional sarees are woven by combining both cotton and Silk together. 

Pochampally sarees are popularly known for their distinctive geometric prints also known as ikat prints. 

Here in this picture Shruti Hassan, a South Indian actress is spotted wearing a traditional saree for an occasion. 

She has opted for golden Jewelry to complement the traditional ikat saree. She tied her hair in a messy bun and chose natural makeup to complete the look.

Pochampally ikkat silk saree
Pochampally ikkat silk saree

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore silk sarees originated from Mysore city in Karnataka. But Mysore sarees are popular all across India and worn by many celebrities for various occasions and events.

Mysore silk sarees are expensive because they are made with pure silk and zari work. 

In the picture, we can see Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, and Anushka Sharma wearing Mysore silk sarees for various occasions. They looked gorgeous wearing Mysore silk sarees. 

Mysore Silk Sarees
Mysore Silk Sarees

Chanderi silk sarees

Chanderi silk saree is a traditional saree that originated from Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi sarees are woven with opulent pure silk fibers which give the saree a luxurious feeling and make it suitable to wear for festivals and celebrations.

The below-shown picture is Samantha flaunting the occasion in a Chanderi silk saree. She has worn a pink-hued Chanderi silk saree with a matching pink color sleeved blouse on it. 

The saree has intricate detailing on the borders and the sleeves. She has opted for golden jewelry to compliment the outfit.

Samantha in Pink Chanderi silk sarees
Samantha in Pink Chanderi silk sarees

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