7 Best Korean Food Places In Chennai

Are you a Korean food lover? Most teenage children are watching Korean movies and become big fans of their culture, food, movies, and Korean Style. For over the years, the mainstream menus have sneaked kimchi into sandwiches or tossed it with rice and vegetables. But Korean cuisine is so far something of that, the complex flavors, ingredients, the Korean dishes are believed to be one of the healthiest foods in the world.

However, with the rise of Korean-Pop music, K-dramas, and delicacies like samgyeopsal and tteokbokki have now become common thing in Indian restaurants now. In Chennai, there are plenty of spots that are serving authentic Korean flavors to stop you from going back. Let’s explore those places where you can find the best Korean taste in Chennai.

1.Ambrosia – This Korean-Japanese cafe has a very good and large menu of fast food, casual bites, and baked goodies. This includes signature options like buldak which is fire chicken, padak (chicken and green onion), tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork), and chef-special chicken. There are also classics like Korean fried chicken, kimchi mandu, ramyun, and japchae to sample. For more, their rice burgers with bacon, bulgogi, and chicken are very yummy.


2.New Seoul– This is one of the most popular places for Korean food in Chennai, where you can have the best taste of Korean cuisine, frequented by expats and locals alike. They have a range of classics like beef bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, jjajangmyeon japchae, bibim kalguksu, and Manu. Their gyeran Mari (usually called rolled omelet) and bibimbap are recommended the most. Furthermore, the soybeans, kimchi, eggs, pork, and seafood. There’s also Korean fried chicken popularised by dramas, must try it once.

New Seoul

3.Jang Won– This laidback 82-seater Japanese and Korean restaurant has become the local go-to for Korean barbecue and it is one of every K-lover’s top list. The menu is a large-scale menu, with options like bibimbap, jjampong, japchae, pork belly, gimbap, and others. The side dishes here have the ingredients like cucumber, kimchi, spinach, and chicken that have their fan club. The Jang Won is located at Link Street, Kottur Gardens, Chennai.

Jang Won

4.North East Kitchen– do not think about the name, it might be misleading as they provide a large selection of Korean delicacies including kimchi fried rice, kalguksu, dakgalbi, gimbap, doenjang jjigae, and more. The menu also has a wide variety of classic fare, depending on the basis of your choice of meat. Vegetarians could also try fried tofu and sweet potato noodles, it is very good in taste. Even more, the Samgye tang and steamed chicken with Korean ginseng are also available someday. The place is located at Wellington Estate, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai.

North East Kitchen

5.Another Kitchen- This hidden gem is not commonly spoken of when referring to Korean food in Chennai but this place has a host of delicious bites on offer. The menu includes japchae, mandu guk, bibimbap, kimchi jeon, jajang ddukbokgi, bulgogi, and others more. The kimchi pancakes and kimbap come are highly recommended here to try. Each meal comes with banchan means side dishes like sweet potato mash, kimchi, squid, and other salads. This place is situated at Poonamallee High Road, Chennai, TN.

Another Kitchen

6.Aeseo Korean Restaurant – This place has become one of the most popular restaurants for Korean food in Chennai and not in just Chennai but also in the entire country. However, this spot is also frequented by expats and provides you with everything from classics like kimbap and ramyun to Korean barbecue and jjampong. The bibim guksu noodles, bulgogi fried rice, kimchi chicken fried rice, and shrimp pancake come highly recommended here, try them once. A meal here comes with unlimited side dishes with complimentary cinnamon tea. The place is located at East Ave, Kesavaperumalpuram, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai.

Aeseo Korean Restaurant

7.Isigny Bakery– one of the very popular Itaewon bakeries in Seoul, this spot in the city has the most delectable Korean baked goodies on very exciting offers. The menu has different varieties of bagels, including sticky rice and also bread with red beans, peanut cream, custard cream, and others. All the baked things are spongy, fresh, and delicious. This bakery is located at Second Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai.

Isigny Bakery

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