6 Reasons why Yelagiri is a great place to explore for Nature Lovers!

6 reasons why Yelagiri is a great place to explore for nature lovers for Weekend Trip

Tourism: Yelagiri hill station is located in the southeastern part of Tamilnadu State. This place is home to beautiful mountain and waterfall destinations and has pleasant weather throughout the year.

This hill station is located at an altitude of around 3645 feet above sea level. This hill station consists of a series of mountains that has around 14 hairpin bends. At every hairpin bend, you can stop to have a beautiful panoramic view of the valley and the scenery around you.

6 Reasons why Yelagiri is a great place to explore for Nature Lovers!
6 Reasons why Yelagiri is a great place to explore for Nature Lovers!

You will enter the town once Ghat Road ends. You will see lush green trees like beautiful orchards, rose gardens, and various species of animals in this hill station. 

Yallagiri is about a 3.5 hour drive from Chennai and it is relatively close to Bangalore. In this article, we are going to list some of the beautiful travel destinations that you can consider when you visit Yelagiri.

Swamimalai Hills

Swamimalai Hills is at an altitude of around 4626 feet above sea level making it the highest peak in the entire hill station. This is one of the favorite hot spots for trekking to experience the beautiful scenic view.

swamimalai hills trekking
swamimalai hills trekking

You can enjoy the adventurous trekking and the magnificent view from the top of the hill. There is an iron ladder present at the top of the hill which can be used to have an eccentric view on the other side of the hills. The experience of rich flora and fauna with Misty fog and the fresh breath of air make your experience memorable for a lifetime.

The best time to visit Swamimalai Hills is from May to July every year and by trekking in the early morning, you can experience the magnificent sunrise.

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Jalagamparai waterfalls

Jalagamparai waterfalls are located at a distance of around 37 km from Athanor and Yelagiri. These are the beautiful waterfalls present in the entire hill station and must be visited by visitors and trekkers every year.

Jalagamparai waterfalls
Jalagamparai waterfalls

You can get a spectacular view of the Matharu stream flowing through the valleys of Yelagiri Hills making it a perfect spot for photography and picnic with the family.

The water from the Jalagamparai waterfalls is known to have medicinal properties as it flows through various medicinal plants and herbs along its way. So it is believed that bathing under this waterfall can cure certain skin problems.

Apart from The Spectacular waterfall view, she can also notice a plethora of bird species like Bay weaver, Spotted Muniya, Paradise flycatcher, etc in this location.

Fundera Park

Fundera Park is famous as the home of more than 3000 species of Exotic Birds. This place can be considered a Paradise for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. One can experience hundreds of birds flying and can be a great spot for photography. 

Fundera Park
Fundera Park, Yelagiri

Another characteristic of this Park is that some of the parrots are trained to interact with the visitors here. The best time to visit Fundera Park is from November to February as you can get to watch various flocks of migratory birds flying across the sky.

  • Nilavoor Lake

Nilavoor Lake is known to be an artificial lake that serves as a famous picnic spot for family and friends. You can get to have a calm serene atmosphere with a wonderful boating experience.

  • Punganoor Lake

You can go boating in the beautiful lake and can also have a morning stroll in the lush greenery surroundings around the lake. There are also luxurious resorts and hotels around this lake.

  • Nature’s park

Natures Park is the home to various species of flowering plants and an artificial waterfall cascading. Nature’s Park can be a perfect spot for family outings and a peaceful experience.

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