6 Rare and Unique Indian fruits with Huge Nutritional Benefits!

Unique Rare Indian Fruits

Health: Fruits are an important part of having a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help in maintaining your health.

People are aware of many exotic fruits that are found in other parts of the world like berries, kiwi, pear, etc. But there are various Exotic fruits that are found in India itself and offer a wide range of nutrition. 

Here in this article, let us look at some of the Indian exotic fruits that are found in various parts of the country.

Star fruit (Carambola)

Star fruit is specially grown in the southern part of India and is also called by its other name Kamrakh in Hindi.

Star fruit
Star fruit

India is one of the largest producers of this star fruit in the world. The unripe starfruit is usually green in color and sour in taste. Ripened star-fruits will have a distinct yellow color and slightly brown ribs.

The surface of the star fruit has waxy skin and that makes it suitable to preserve like a pickle.

Mangustaan (Mangosteen)

Mangustaan is partially grown in the southern part of India mainly in Nilgiri Hills, Kanyakumari, and Kerala. Mangustaan is the size of a small orange and is a fragrant tropical fruit of India.


Mangustaan has a purple Maroon color and a white color interior. Mangustaan tastes similar to mango. It is the national fruit of Thailand. Mangustaan has grown in India since the 18th century.

Chalta (Elephant Apple)

Chalta is mostly grown in Assam, Kolkata, Bihar, Orissa, and Sub Himalayan tract.


Chalta is in green color and is the size of a grapefruit. The Pulp of the fruit is sour in taste and is used in Indian cuisine like Cherry, jam, and jellies.

Chalta is also vastly eaten by animals like elephants, monkeys, and deers. So the collection of Chalta fruit from forest areas is strictly prohibited.

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Karonda (Carandas Cherry)


Karonda has been cultivated in Bihar, West Bengal, and the Western Ghats of India. It is a pink-colored fruit and tastes like a tart. The unripe fruit is sour. When karonda is ripened, it becomes tender and sweet. These are also known as the Indian blueberries and are used in making sauces and pickles.

Langshah (Langsat)


It is only found in a few regions of East and Southern India majorly in the Nilgiri Hills. Langshah looks small and translucent like a grapefruit. The unripened fruit is quite sour and it tastes sweet when it is ripened. 

The taste of the Langshah fruit is similar to the bitter Sweet grapefruit.

Targola or Taal (Ice Apple or sugar Palm fruit)

Targola has a coconut texture and brown exterior which is grown in clusters on a palm tree. Targola is also called Palm fruit.

Targola or Taal
Targola or Taal

This fruit is similar to Litchi and it has a sweet liquid inside each fruit. This fruit is also used in making an alcoholic beverage called Toddy. 

This fruit is mainly found in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala.

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