5 Ways You Can Celebrate This Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s day celebrated?

Different countries have different dates to celebrate Mother’s Day. But most countries celebrate mother’s day on the second Sunday of May every year. This year International Mother’s day falls on May 8. 

Tips to celebrate mother's day this year
Tips to celebrate mother’s day this year

History and significance of Mother’s Day

The celebration of mother’s day started in the ancient period itself. Romans and Greeks were the first to start celebrating Mother’s Day.

Those days they used to celebrate mother’s day to worship their Gods Rhea and the Cybele. They are the great mothers of gods. Even in India, we celebrate a festival to honor Goddess Durga called this Durga Puja.

In the medieval ages, in the UK, people used to celebrate mother’s day on mothering Sunday. Children used to leave home to work at a very young age. 

They are given a holiday on the 4th Sunday of Lent to visit their homeland to meet their mother and spend time with their families.

It was also celebrated in a much more traditional way. All the family members used to go to their main church called Mother Church and spend time there praying.

The children used to bring a cake to their families. The cake was made up of two layers with an almond spread in between. 

This cake was called a mothering cake. This tradition is compared to Jesus feeding the crowd with the loaves of bread.

This cake used to be made of 11 balls of marzipan icing on the top. This resembles the 11 disciples of Jesus.

In the modern age, the celebration of mother’s day is due to Anna Jarvis. She is responsible for celebrating mother’s day on May 8 today.

Anna Jarvis loved her mother named Reeves Jarvis, who was a human activist. According to Anna Jarvis, her mother used to think that how great it would be to have a day as a national holiday to show gratitude towards moms.

Ann Reeves Jarvis died in 1905. But that sentence remained in Anna’s mind and thought of creating her mother’s death anniversary as mother’s day. 

She wrote many letters to the government to make this day the international Women’s Day and make it a national holiday. All her efforts were successful in 1916.

The President of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson, permitted that day, the international Mother’s day and declared the day a national holiday.

From that day onwards many countries are celebrating the second Sunday of May as the international Mother’s Day.

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5 ways to celebrate mother’s day this year

Gift her with flowers

Flowers are the best way to express your wishes to your mothers. You can wish her the favorite flowers of her choice. Try to wish in a different manner which can make her feel surprised or happy.

Present flowers by singing a song or just telling them how grateful you are to her and you can also involve your kids with you if you have.

Your mother will be pleased to have received wishes from you and your children.

Cook for her or plan a treat for her

All the mothers cook for their children for the entire year. How about cooking for her for a day and pleasing her. 

Try to cook a favorite dish of her choice. Arrange a good cozy setup and serve her favorite foods.

Or else you can plan to take her outside and order food of her choice. You can go out with your entire family along with your mother and have a family treat.

Your mother will be very happy that you have taken time from your busy life and spent some quality time with her.

If you are not with your mother and you are staying away you can also think of ordering food online. Later you can connect with all of your family and mum over the video call while having the food and can have nice conversations. 

This is also a good idea rather than doing nothing just because you are away from home

Make your handmade card or gift

You can make your handcrafted card with the message on it rather than buying from the store. This idea would be great for children who want to thank their mother on Mother’s Day.

You can also make some handmade gifts to give your mother. Try to make a gift according to your mother’s taste.

Some of the gift ideas can be preparing an album or making handcrafted soap or jewel boxes. 

Making a video or an album

You can show the video in which you and your family members are wishing for your mother. Also, try to include your children if you have one. 

Your mother would be very happy to see that video of all the family members remembering her and wishing her. Add a nice music track in the background of the video. 

Or you can also make an album which contains all the photos of you, your mother and your family.

Creating a music video and an album can be a great way to gift your mother because these are memories that can last forever.

Planning to go outside with your mother

You can plan to watch a movie together either at home or outside. Watch a movie that is your mother’s favorite one.

If you are at home together with your family, you can plan to watch a movie with all the family and your mother. But if you are not at home then, you can plan to watch a movie online.

There are some great options on Netflix to watch movies together with different accounts. There is also a group chat option.

If your mother is not fond of watching movies, you can plan to go outside to a park or Garden. You can also plan a picnic for a few hours with your family. 

This can create a really fun environment especially if you have kids and your mother will be very happy with spending time with the family.

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Final Word:

Thus we have discussed so many things that you can plan to do this mother’s day but not only these, there are many other things that you can plan to do on that day. 

Try to involve your family in this with you as much as possible. It can help in having some quality time with your mother and she will be very happy that all of you have taken the time to spend with her.

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