5 Tips to Practice Meditation Consistently

We all know that meditation has many positive benefits on our mental health. 

Some of the positive benefits of meditation include increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present, reducing negative emotions, increasing patience and tolerance, managing stressful situations, etc. 

Although there are many benefits associated with practicing meditation, most people do not see any benefits immediately when they start practice. It takes some time to show the benefits in your life. 

It’s important to practice meditation daily to reap the maximum benefits. But many people find it difficult to practice meditation consistently and hence most people do not practice it regularly. 

So, here in this article, we are going to provide some of the tips which you can follow which can help you to practice meditation consistently and regularly.

5 Tips to Practice Meditation Consistently
5 Tips to Practice Meditation Consistently
Start slowly

You don’t have to start with longer periods of meditating if you are a beginner. Most beginners find it difficult to control their thoughts and do not feel the relaxed feeling during the meditation.

Remember one thing, meditating doesn’t mean getting rid of your thoughts. It’s meant to observe your thoughts and emotions along the way. 

In the process of meditation, you have to try to focus on the present and whatever thought comes into your mind you have to slowly keep it aside and come to the present position again.

Studies have shown that meditating for at least 30 minutes a day for straight two weeks can show a significant result on your mind. 

But it may seem intimidating to meditate for 30 minutes straight if you are a beginner. Starting with at least 10 minutes a day also helps a lot to maintain your mental health. 

Slowly increase the number of minutes you sit down to meditate. Eventually, you will find out the positive benefits that meditation has on your body and you become more comfortable sitting for a long time.

Finding right time

Well, you can do meditation at any time of the day. But meditating at the right time which is convenient to you is very important.

Because for example if you start meditating in between a busy schedule or just before any important work, you might be preoccupied with your thoughts and emotions and you end up being frustrated and you may not develop the interest to continue the meditation. 

Instead, try doing meditation during the Peaceful times of the day. Most people find it peaceful and early mornings. In the early morning in the fresh air and serene environment, you can find it easy to do meditation and you will end up with a positive feeling after meditating. 

Many people also do bedtime Meditation. Meditating just before going to bed may help people to declutter their thoughts that they were occupied with the whole day and helps to reduce the stress thereby having peaceful sleep at night.

Whenever you choose, try to stick on to that routine and follow it daily to reap most of the benefits of meditation.

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Getting into the comfortable posture

You’ve probably seen on the Internet or in the newspapers that some people are meditating in the perfect Lotus posture (Padmasana). But most people don’t find it comfortable to sit in this posture.

If you are uncomfortable sitting on that poster you cannot concentrate on the meditative process. Meritnation does not have any strict rules like sitting in a Lotus posture as such.

You can sit on any poster that you are comfortable with. Like you can sit on the sofa or chair or lay down while meditating. Whatever poster in which your setting just concentrates on the meditative process focusing on your thoughts and emotions.

Keep it consistently

Developing a new habit is hard. If you’re a beginner and just starting meditation and you don’t feel good, don’t feel focused on what you do, don’t give up soon.

Instead of looking at the reasons why you are not able to meditate, think about the benefits that you can get out of meditation.

If it’s hard to focus, then question yourself why it is hard for you to focus. Is it because of the poster, or timings, or getting bored, etc? 

Try to find the answers to your questions. Like if you are uncomfortable with your posture, then you can try experimenting with a new posture that may help you in meditating better. 

If you are worried about the timings try to meditate in a free and peaceful time like early mornings. If you are feeling bored you can use some techniques like listening to pleasant music while meditating. 

Even though you find it harder, in the beginning, don’t give up immediately and try to push it harder to be consistent regularly. Later on, you’ll find that you can meditate with ease and see the benefits that are coming out of the meditation process.

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Getting started With Meditation

  • If you are not practicing meditation daily then it’s time to start. After reading all of the above tips, some key points need to be kept in mind. They are 
  • Sit in a comfortable posture and start meditation.
  • Start it slowly. Start with small periods in the beginning and later on increase the timings of the meditative process.
  • Try to focus on your breath during the meditation process. Many people reported that focusing on their breath helped them to control their thoughts and to stay in the present.
  • Do not force your thoughts and emotions. If you find thoughts rushing into your mind, then simply let the thoughts go away and try to come to the present position again and concentrate on your breath. Repeat this throughout the meditation process.
  • Slowly you will get to know the benefits of meditation. And you’ll find a better balance in your thoughts on emotions than before.

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