5 Makeup Trends every women Must try this Monsoon in 2023!

Best Makeup trends for women Must try this Monsoon in 2023!

Beauty: The trends of beauty are evolving day by day, year after year, when we talk about beauty the trend never ends. So let’s focus on the skin for now. There are lots of products in the market that achieves the goal of beauty. Each season has its own charm and beauty that turns you up at the shining skin. Let’s talk about this in this article. The monsoon season has started so let’s discuss some beauty trends of this season.

5 Makeup Trends every women Mus try this Monsoon in 2022!
5 Makeup Trends every women Mus try this Monsoon in 2022!

Lighter foundation

Lighter foundation, do you want to apply a lighter tone? A lighter tone is a lot better than a heavy tone. Well, in the summer I would suggest you apply a lighter tone or light-textured foundation to your face. You know, looking good helps you in building self-confidence, the heavy make-up days are long gone. It’s time to shine now.

Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles- women used to hide those freckles for decades with heavy makeup or heavy coverage foundations, women are now influenced by this latest beauty trend and drawing them on their faces. Freckles symbolize youthfulness and give you a young look on your face, it is so popular among celebrities and girls alike. You can also create them by using henna, freckle pens, light-shade eyeliners, or brow pencils.

Colored Eye

Colored Eye- Liner, this trend is so cool and has stood up for a long time and returns every summer with more fashionable designs. It gives you an apparent look, the colored eyeliner works like a charm to give you a chunk of colors that is very appealing and matches with the summers. Go for red, green, blue, or teal hues to give your makeup a vibrant touch.

Gel eye brows

Gel eye brows, if you want to make your eye brows a heavy touch according to the face and outfits, you should go for this blazing beauty trend. This method is widely used among celebrities and is obviously a more popular hack. The gel eyebrows add an extra shining and attractive thinness to your face and make it looks shining. Simply, just apply petroleum jelly to both your eyebrows and gently comb them with an eyebrow brush for a gathered and fine shape finishing.

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss, this trend never ends, do you also want to make your lips shiny? I might not hear NO, of course, everyone wants to be, right. The summer demands hydrated luscious glossy lips and winter demands for matte lip finish. So you can go for a tinted lip balm or choose from a range of tinted lip glosses and there you go.

Well, one thing that is important, women used to polish their nails with their own hands right. But now, this trend has been gone and it turns into robotic treatments, in simple terms we can say that all the things can be done by machines using new technologies, right. So there are several techniques in the market which ease your work. Nimble is a gadget or the new technology that uses AI technology, micro-cameras, 3D image processing, and tech-y algorithms to paint your nails. It works by scanning each individual nail to identify where the nail starts and ends. The device then automatically paints the nails using the amount of polish for a perfect manicure in 10 minutes.

The experts are predicting that AI or Artificial Intelligent based technology makes the treatment or work easy and will make beauty faster and cheaper than ever before.

Here are some amazing beauty trends that would help in choosing and applying the most. By the way, this is for summer but that does not mean that it cannot be applied in other months. This trend is all 365 days but I especially mentioned summer because it looks good in summer but you can apply it any day throughout the year.

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