5 Instagram worthy decor ideas for your intimate wedding

Many people’s minds have changed on the idea of big fat weddings after the country witnessed the Coronavirus pandemic. Many marriages are replaced with a small venue that is minimally decorated with creative decor items to make the wedding Instagram and album worthy. Everyone knows the importance of marriage as it comes once in a lifetime and it is everyone’s wish to have beautiful photographs on their special day. Decoration of the wedding hall is such a key aspect that can convert your photographs attractive. So in this article, we are going to discuss five Instagram-worthy decor ideas for your intimate wedding. 

ideas for your intimate wedding

1. Greenery on the walls

Greenery on the indoor walls is such a cool option and we have already seen many restaurants and cafes adopt this trend. Greenery can convert your photograph into a very bright and fresh look. Having a nice wall decorated with greenery and lights can definitely make your wedding pictures Instagram-worthy.

2. Neon Signages

Neon Signage is often seen in many shops and showrooms as it can instantly brighten up the room with its pop of color. So, try this neon decoration at your wedding too to have a different and new experience. 

3. Floral Decor

Floral Decor is one of the most common ideas used in weddings when coming to decorating the hall. The fresh and beautiful flowers can instantly brighten up the wedding hall and add beauty to the photographs. Tulips and roses are most commonly used for decoration in weddings. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and create a whole new experience, then try out some other exquisite flowers for decoration.

4. Balloons

Ballons are most commonly used for birthday party decoration. But there are different types of balloons available in the market with various colors and shapes. There are some eco-friendly along with glamorous-looking balloons are available which can make your wedding decoration Instagram-worthy.

5. Hand Calligraphy

If you are a person interested in Calligraphy, arts, and designs, then you can try out using various customized embellishments with romantic quotes. You can also use these cards to send a personalized gifts to your friends and relatives.

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