5 Bollywood Actresses And How Much They Charged For An Item Song

When it comes to Bollywood movies of days, one of the most notable features is undoubtedly the blazing item numbers. These upbeat dance performances starring Bollywood heroines are occasionally a big hit with the audience.

Previously, we had B-grade actresses performing these over-the-top steamy numbers for a very low fee, but the cost has obviously escalated with the recent trend of Bollywood actresses doing these item numbers.

Gone are the days when hot item numbers were seen to be a cheap marketing ploy exploited by producers to attract attention. In terms of the aesthetic experience they provide, item numbers in films are crucial. They can play a vital part in tying a film’s storyline together, or they can just blend into the storey line and be a major audience pleaser.

Many people think it’s just a regular shake and dance routine, but it takes a lot of commitment, solid choreography, and a great performance. Not to mention, the sets are massive and opulent. As a result, an actress’s costs for that unique dancing routine are unsurprisingly high.

Here are the fees charged by five actresses for the stunning performance:

  1. Sunny Leone

Sunny’s flawless dance movements made the Laila Oh Laila performance an artistic delight. While it was first claimed that she was paid roughly Rs 25 lakhs, her costs were eventually increased to a stunning Rs 3 crore.

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