5 Best Things to do when you First Wake up in the Morning!

5 Best things to do when you first wake up

It’s too hard to wake up early in the morning right? And we are obviously denied to wake up in the morning. But according to the fact, the day depends on your time or the day how you start in the morning. If you start happily then the entire day is going to be happy and the fact is indeed true, I have felt it on my own. But if you start your day with laziness, sleepy ness then the entire day you will be looking tired and feel more sleepy, couldn’t focus on your work even.

5 Best Things to do when you First Wake up in the Morning!
5 Best Things to do when you First Wake up in the Morning!

So in this article, I will mention some habits or the list of things that will help you to have a better routine.

  1. Have some water- just have a glass of water before or after waking up from your bed but lukewarm water is good if you can drink it. Drinking water is the best thing because it detoxes your body and flushes away the pathogens in your body when you urinate.

  2. Sunlight- one of the most important things you can do is to have sunlight, vitamin D is very essential for your body which your bones stronger and boosting your immune system. It also helps in improving blood circulation. And your body needs sunlight after 12-14 hours of nighttime and in artificial light. You know your body craves for exposure to natural light and this will automatically boost the production of endorphins or happy hormones in the body which makes you feel relaxed and happy throughout the day.

  3. Exercise- by sleeping all night, your body goes in rest and reduces the ability of your brain to regain the strength of your body in the morning you should start the exercise. And that is why it is compulsory to stretch your body a bit that will ease out the joint pain, and stretch your muscle and tension. You know it has various benefits, it relieves headaches, and anxiety and enhances your flexibility.

  4. Morning breakfast– start with having light snacks that might be healthy but after 12 long hours of sleep, start with a heavy breakfast that is actually good for your stomach. You can have these things in your breakfast such as yogurt, Whole-grain crackers, A piece of brown bread toast with peanut butter smeared on one side, dry fruits soaked overnight or a couple of dates, and a detox drink will be good for the healthy stomach. A healthy breakfast can give several benefits such as-
    1. Helps you reduce weight
    1. Boosts brain power
    1. Gives you a boost of energy
    1. Provides you with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
    1. Reduces risks of type 2 diabetes and obesity
    1. May prevent gastrointestinal disorders

  1. Start the day with some music– it is so good when you wake up by hearing some soft music that will relax your brain and classical songs are the best for the morning for fresh up and maintaining your moods, keeping you healthy throughout the day.

  2. Warm water– drinking a glass of warm water or Luke water in the morning is good for the stomach and helps the stomach clean, also good for the digestive system and hydrates your body or you can drink the warm water by adding lemon juice to it, which is good actually to prevent the upset stomach.

Here is the list of a few things that you can actually do in the morning after waking up, that will improvise the body and helps keep it healthy. Stay tuned for further updates and information.

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