5 Best Bars You Must Visit in Chennai to experience the best Chennai Nightlife

Chennai is the beautiful capital city of Tamil Nadu; the city has a lot of people residing far from different parts of the country. Chennai is a city which is full of national and even international people too, so this is quite normal to call for a party celebration. Chennai has a bunch of famous places where one can enjoy the night party, drinks, and also some more places to roam around and enjoy some midnight snacks. Let’s have a look at those famous places and areas to enjoy at the night.

1.10 Downing Street- as sounds like the name, it is a fancy British pub in the mainland of Chennai, the pub has its outlets spread across various parts of the country and is one of the best places to experience the best nightlife in Chennai. The Bollywood night, retro night, karaoke night, and ladies’ night to name a few. The club offers you the best mouth-watering delicacies and is ideal for a celebration.

Price Range: INR 1000 onwards for two
Timings: 7 PM to 12 AM, all days, Monday to Sunday

10 Downing Street

2.Pasha-The Park– this club is located in Nungambakkam, this nightclub is one of the best in the area and is among the best places for nightlife in Chennai. This lounge is one of the oldest and the best lounges in the city yet. It is a really great place for a late-night party. Having a vibrant atmosphere and interesting combinations of drinks, this place is sure to have its pros and cons also, the con being that the place is quite expensive though. But the amazing ambiance makes it just worth it.

Price Range: INR 3500 onwards for two
Timings are- 8 PM to 2 AM

Pasha-The Park

3.Gatsby 2000- so, this is one of the busiest places in Chennai, Gatsby 2000 never fails to amaze its customers with something new every time. This place is the ITC’s Irish-themed based property and perfectly lives up to the best of its name. The place has a good ambiance, amazing décor, and great music. The Gatsby 2000 is the best of Chennai nightlife. There are two residents present in the nightclub, one is DJ Rudy and Prasanth Amir who produced different types of Trap and Bollywood music that is produced by them. They have amazing potions available like Long Island Iced Tea and Desi vodka Martini.

Price Range- INR 2000 for singles and INR 4500 for couples.
Timings are- 8 PM to 3 AM

Gatsby 2000

4.The Flying Elephant– The Flying Elephant is located in the upscale area of Park Hyatt in Velachery and this wonderful nightclub has a lot of loyal customers. The club is so famous that both homegrown and foreign DJ’s also come to perform here daily. This club has a piece of good music with a pinch of nostalgia playing songs from Classic Pop to Retro Rock to name a few.

Price Range: INR 1000 and INR 2000 for couples
Timings are- 7 PM to 1 AM and till 3 AM on weekends

The Flying Elephant

5.The Leather Bar – The Park- so here we go another stunning club which is one of the exclusive nightclubs of the city, the club attracts a large number of people who are looking for a classy place to enjoy. Although the place is little experience or overpriced with the amazing ambiance, and a huge collection of cocktails this place is just worth every penny spent. The interiors are also beautifully decorated with the black leather floors contrasting just as well with the suede walls.

Price range: INR 2500 for couples only
Timings: 11 AM to 4 AM

The Leather Bar

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