23,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered in America

23,000-Year-Old Human Footprints

Humans are wondering about the past, and how all came into the existence including the human past. As everyone knows that the first human appeared on earth 2 million years ago, and since then humans evolved and appeared as what we are existing now. We didn’t know how humans evolved or how they came into the existence but we do know about the past, right? Let me tell you a wondering thing, you might be surprised if you found a million years old human things. You will get into it to find more information and compare things from now right.

The same thing has happened, ancient human footprints have been found in New Mexico and people say that these footprints arrived almost 10,000 years ago. The scientists reported that ancient human footprints are found well preserved in White Sands National Park in New Mexico.

As per the reports, it is revealed that these findings were 23,000-year-old fossilized footprints countered the current beliefs about when humans first trekked through the Americas. Over the decades, scientists believed humans spread across the American continents at the end of the Ice Age, but these new footprints imply humans came to America during the Ice Age at a time when huge glaciers would have covered much of their path.

It is said that the footprints were formed when ancient peoples walked over the sandy ground surrounding a former lake. Over the years of time, sediments are filled in the footprints as the ground hardened, fossilizing the prints. Recently, erosion has appeared in the prints that are making visible to the public to the naked eye. After testing the sediment, researchers were able to carbon date the prints, with the oldest set being 22,800 years old. However, the team wasn’t just found human footprints, they also found prints belonging to mammoths, camels, and dire wolves. Even the set of one print showed a giant sloth clearly avoiding a group of humans, and these findings paint a picture of life more than 22 millennia ago.

Previously, the archaeologists spotted the oldest known tools which are called Clovis having spear tips, needles, and scrapers as markers for when humans crossed the continents. Clovis tools are as old as 13,000 years as the research suggests, which follows the melting of the glaciers, after the Ice Age. The hypothesis was that Siberian hunters made their own way into Alaska during the Ice Age until the ice melted, which opened up the paths for them to migrate Southward.

But this evidence and finding show that there were humans 10,000 years before the Clovis people. That starts getting back to the past time when we can just imagine how humans could have been before in the pastime. Now the team over the past decade are researching the ancient footprint. The team has found thousands of several human footprints in over 80,000 acres of White Sands National Park. Reportedly, there are some tracks found that were made by the children while playing. Because there were sets of tracks showing the mother setting her baby down for the rest and even a path made by an animal that has footprints following a straight line for a mile.

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