15+ Things to know about Hyderabad’s latest landmark, Police Command Centre

Important Things to Know about State Of The Art Police Command Centre (PCC) HYD

The Indian South Indian city of Hyderabad is going to launch the Telangana Police’s Integrated Command Control ICCC, in the city. The center is already popular as an upcoming iconic, landmark in the city called the Police towers, and was constructed at a cost of Rs. 600 crores.

Important Things to Know about State Of The Art Police Command Centre (PCC) HYD
Important Things to Know about State Of The Art Police Command Centre (PCC) HYD

A state-of-the-art command and control center now officially known as Police Towers, a nerve center for all the operations and disaster management was inaugurated by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today in Hyderabad. Well, let’s read about the command center more, here is all you need to know about this.

• The state Telangana IT minister K Rama Rao has posted on Twitter that a truly world-class and possibly one of the most cosmopolitan government facilities built by any other government in the country.

• The Telangana State Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (TSPICCC), the 83.5-meter tall building, along with features of a 480-seat auditorium, training facilities, a media center, and conference halls which is spreading across 6.42 lakh square feet area including parking which is about 2.16 lakh square feet, solar panels, STP, and a glass facade, among other amenities.

• Furthermore, The Hyderabad Police Commissionerate is housed in Tower A – a 20-storey building and Tower B is a Technology Fusion Centre that is designed to gather the data and information from various apps and emergency response systems, such as Dial 100, social media, SHE safety, Cyber and Narcotics, Crimes, Incubation center, etc. and highway watch from all over the state so that there can be an integrated approach.

• The ICCC is a green building and the solar panels will generate 0.5 megawatts of power, one more interesting fact is that it is recycled material and has been used for construction.

• Tower C has an auditorium and Tower D will have a media and training center. There is a multi-agency integrated command control center which is located on Tower E’s 4th, 5th, and 6th floors.

• The tower houses have a separate chamber for the state Home Minister, state police chief, and other top officials. Additionally, there is also a war room on the 7th floor from where the Chief Minister can oversee disaster relief or emergency operations.

• The Traffic control officers or TCC will continue to function from the police control room through the fifth floor of the Command Control Centre that has been allotted for their functioning. That would have the house e-challan division and other technical teams.

• So as of now the Telangana State Police Integrated Command and Control Centre has been kept out of bounds even for the media though there are some plans to open it eventually to the public as the Chief Minister expecting it to become a landmark of the city.

• The structure of the center will also have a helipad, the landing area, or a platform for helicopters, like an airport for landing airplanes and also powered lift aircraft for the emergency operations.

• There is also a separate space for artificial intelligence (AI), social media units, and data analytics.

• One of the more interesting facts is, that there are about 9.22 lakh cameras installed across the State and will be connected to this center with the police so that they will be able to monitor and check around one lakh cameras at any point in time.

• A war room is also built in the center and will be part of this building, which has been designed to house technology teams working in back-end operations to support field policing. This will also act as a Disaster and Crisis Management Centre housing and all related government departments.

• The most amazing thing, there is no wooden furniture is used in the center. All the furniture has been built from recycled material and 35% of the land has been allotted for the plantation. This classy, luxurious, and posh new building also has a yoga center, gym, and wellness center.

• The multitasking swanky building also has a house a museum showcasing the history of Telangana Police and a 360-degree viewing gallery.

So I guess, this is the first thing that any government has ever made for police security right? if I am not wrong and the Telangana state is the first who had taken this initiative and complete it with the proper dedication.

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