15 Hindi Web Series Trending Online and Why You Should Watch Them

Web Series has recently picked up tremendous pace in the past couple of years. Five years back, web series was a concept that we perhaps only associated with the Firangis. But things have changed, and India has finally joined the league of web series. Here we have created a list of Indian web series that has made a significant impact in the industry and has garnered applause from the viewers and critics alike.

Here we begin with our list of Hindi Web Series Trending Online:

Little Things

“Sometimes love is not enough, and the road gets tough.”

And rightly so, love has a journey of its own, and the roads are far from perfect. ‘Little Things’ does an excellent job at depicting just that; it follows the lives of two lovers- Dhruv and Kavya, who meander through the tricky trails of love. The characters grow with time, and so does their relationship. It’s an absolute delight to watch these two lovers sail through testing times hand in hand.

IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

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