113-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks Uncovered Due to dry conditions

113-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks

The most talked about mythological creature Dinosaur, which had extinct almost 65 million years ago. There is much evidence found that assure you that dinosaur was real and existed in ancient times even before the first human came to Earth. the fossils of dinosaurs have been discovered in many areas to find that how big were they, and what exactly those species are. Dinosaurs are the most lovable creature for kids, and many movies have been made on dinosaurs to spread awareness and generate curiosity.

There is a state park in Texas, called the Dinosaur Valley where the real tracks of the dinosaurs have been stored and later converted into the Valley without touching the tracks. Let me tell you about dinosaur valley first. Dinosaur Valley State Park, located in the northwest of Glen Rose in Somervell County, Texas which acquire an area of approximately 1,524.72 acres (617 ha), a scenic park set astride the Paluxy River. This park is the only National Natural Landmark in Texas.

The limestones, sandstones, and mudstones of the Glen Rose Formation were deposited during the early Cretaceous Period approximately 113 million years ago along with the Paluxy river shorelines of an ancient sea. Over the few last million years, these layered formations have been eroded, broken down, and sculpted by the Paluxy River.

In the Dinosaur Valley State Park, the limestone deposits along with the Paluxy River and the twin sets of tracks were found in the Glen Rose Formation in early 1908. These footprints were once thought to be evidence that humans and non-avian dinosaurs lived at the same time but on research and after studying it again, it is now identified to be created by dinosaurs. Meanwhile, the young-Earth creationists continue to believe that humans and non-avian dinosaurs lived at the same time, but some ancient researchers demonstrated that no human being left those prints, instead these are the metatarsal dinosaur tracks.

113-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks

To dig into the park more, the scientists found the dinosaur tracks, meanwhile, the Texas state park, this Texas state park praises that it is very easy to find the dinosaur tracks in the park, one just needs to head to the river and one can find the tracks. That was never been truer than this before. When the heat wave and drought up parts of the Paluxy river revealing the huge 113-million-year-old dinosaur tracks. Well, most of the tracks just recently discovered and revealed the mystery that this park belongs to Acrocanthosaurus once. This was the dinosaur about 15 feet tall and carrying a weight of almost 7 tons.

But experts also believe that some of the tracks that are presented experts also believe some of the tracks belonged to Sauroposeidon, a dinosaur that stood 60 feet tall and weighed more than 97,000 pounds which would be 44 tons as an adult. The Dinosaur Valley State Park is the home to several dinosaur footprints, mostly from sauropods and theropods, but this is the first-time tracks of this nature that have been spotted. The park’s shoreline river is the ideal place to preserve the ancient footprints because of calcium carbonate deposits from crustacean shells.

And under normal weather conditions, the 113-million-year-old tracks are covered by water and mud. But due to the rain, the tracks are expected to be buried again into it the trails are visible now due to dry weather. The dinosaur valley will continue to try to protect the footprints and will find other new dinosaur tracks 113 million years old for future generations.

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