11 Places In Chennai You Should Never Miss If You’re Looking For A Shopping!

Top 11 Best Places In Chennai For Shopping

Shopping: Apart from the booming IT companies, the metropolitan city Chennai is also a cultural diversity home to many shopping destinations. You can find various shopping centers from local markets to boutiques and luxurious malls as per your budget and needs.

Street Shopping in Chennai
Street Shopping in Chennai

Street shopping is one of the most popular tourist destinations making Chennai markets a commercial heart for tourists and visitors. There are many shopping destinations throughout Chennai. 

In this article, we are going to let you know the most popular shopping destinations in Chennai if you are a visitor planning to visit soon.

T Nagar, Chennai- Street Shopping

T Nagar, also commonly known as Thyagaraya Nagar is one of the best marketplaces to visit for shopping lovers. T Nagar is located in the narrow lanes adjacent to the main road where shops are located adjacent to each other throughout. 

T Nagar, Chennai- Street Shopping
Chennai 26-10-2013 Around T Nagar lighting decorated shopping malls and public crowed Ranganathan Street during Diwali festival purchase. Photo N Sampath

T Nagar is the home to the sheer volume of the Emporium and small shops where you can find trendy clothes, footwear, accessories, Gold jewelry, leather garments, and many more.

T Nagar is home to stores like Saravana Stores, Pothys, Nalli, and other handcraft stores making it busy and crowded with people right from the morning till late midnight. 

One can also avail of exclusive offers and discounts during the festive season making it a must place to visit for shopping lovers. T Nagar is located at Ranganath street, T Nagar, Chennai.

Pondy Bazaar, Chennai – Street Shopping

Pondy Bazaar is another iconic market present in the heart of the city. Pondy Bazaar is most famous for its trendy clothes, mobile accessories, and footwear. Pondy Bazaar is home to stores like Naidu hall and Rathna Stores, making it a go-to destination for college teens. 

The market is located in the neighborhood of T Nagar and, is also named Mecca of all shopping destinations. Pondy Bazaar is located in Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai. 

Apart from shopping, you can also choose to have some amazing street food, and food from many restaurants lined up throughout the market.

Sowcarpet, Chennai – Street Shopping

You can find everything from bangles to lehengas, sweets to dry fruits, and many more in Sowcarpet. Sowcarpet is also referred to as Mini Rajasthan of Chennai as the market is flooded with North Indian crafts and designer clothes at reasonable prices. 

Sowcarpet Chennai Street Shopping
Sowcarpet Chennai Street Shopping

North Indian vendors majorly own these shops, but one cannot face any problem in conversing with them in Tamil. These vendors are comfortable in both Hindi and Tamil as they have come and settled for a very long time. 

Sowcarpet is especially known for its Jewllery, Dazzling garments, fabric materials, and Rajasthani footwear. Sowcarpet is located in Peddaniackenpet, George Town, Chennai.

Besant Nagar, Chennai – Street Shopping

Besant Nagar is present in the neighborhood of South Chennai close to the beaches. This can be one of the calmest places to visit for shopping because of its serene atmosphere close to the beaches. 

Besant Nagar, Chennai - Street Shopping
Besant Nagar, Chennai – Street Shopping

In Besant Nagar, you can find various bead stalls, dainty footwear, and Bohemian cotton clothes stalls making it mini heaven for college students. Besant Nagar is also home to a wide range of women’s boutiques that are stuffed with classy and chic designs that would attract women of all age groups.

Besant Nagar is especially known for its comfy clothes, footwear, accessories, and Bohemian cotton clothes. It is situated near Elliot beach, Posh area, Besant Nagar, Chennai. 

Ritchie Street, Chennai – Street Shopping

Ritchie street is known as the second-largest electronic market in entire India. This market is home to various shops selling unorganized electric goods similar to the Nehru market in Delhi. 

Ritchie Street, Chennai - Street Shopping
Ritchie Street, Chennai – Street Shopping

You can find a wide range of electronic goods for computers, mobiles, houseware, etc. You can also find many second-hand devices in this market making it a budget-friendly option. 

Ritchie Street is well known for its second-hand electronic devices and electronic goods at affordable prices. It is located in Chitradepet, Chennai.

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So far, we have seen many Street shopping destinations. But Nungambakkam is a posh residential area that is home to many luxurious showrooms and big brands. One can find global brands like Adidas original, Calvin Klein, Famous Designer boutiques, and art galleries. 

Nungambakkam is mostly known for its designer clothing showrooms, art galleries, malls like Gee Gee Plaza, Bergamo mall, etc. It is situated at Khader Nawaz Khan road, Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

Burma Bazaar

Burma Bazaar, chennai - Street Shopping
Burma Bazaar, chennai – Street Shopping

Burma Bazaar is located on Rajaji Road, Chennai is the oldest Bazar known for its cheap electronic goods and fashion accessories. This iconic Bazaar is located in the hub of the central railway station making it accessible to people. One can find many affordable imported mobile phones, handsets, footwear, and electronic accessories here.

Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar Chennai - Shopping
Anna Nagar Chennai – Shopping

Anna Nagar is located in Anna Nagar, Chennai is a residential hub of malls and complexes that are home to many branded showrooms, spas, clothing lines, etc. Anna Bazaar looks so attractive at night making it a great place to visit for shopping and dining experience in the big malls and large complexes. Out of all the malls, V R Mall is the largest mall situated in Anna Nagar West.

Parry’s Corner

Parry’s Corner is a famous wholesale market selling almost everything ranging from household utensils, fabrics, automobile parts, handicrafts, arts, plastic materials, and many more. Specific streets are selling specific products at affordable prices in Parry’s Corner. 

Parry's Corner Chennai - Street Shopping
Parry’s Corner Chennai – Street Shopping

It is mostly known for its wholesale suppliers of plastic, vessels, ornamental accessories, etc. It is located in the NSC Bose Road Intersection of North Beach Road, Chennai, India.

Pantheon Street

Pantheon Street Chennai - Street Shopping
Pantheon Street Chennai – Street Shopping

Pantheon Street is also known as Cotton Street in Chennai. It is famous for its cotton fabric supply to various places in India. You can get high-quality cotton fabrics and garments like cotton suits, salwar kameez, sarees, etc on Pantheon Road. Pantheon road is present near Ethiraj women’s college, Egmore.

Spencer Plaza

spencer plaza chennai
spencer plaza chennai

Spencer Plaza is the oldest mall in Chennai. It is known that once upon a time, Spencer Plaza was the only Mall present in Chennai. You can find various shops selling branded shoes, clothes, watches, accessories, houseware, etc in Spencer Plaza. Spencer Plaza is especially known for its soft Pashminas. This plaza is present in Anna Salai, Chennai.

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