10 Winter Precautions Tips everyone should know!

Winter season gives us relief from the hot Indian summer and the humid Indian monsoon. But along with its chills and hot winter foods, the lethargy and sickness due to climate change are most common. Winter is the season when the sun sets early and chilly evenings bring us the general desire to spend more time sleeping rather than doing any physical activity. Moreover, winter also brings our dry skin, chapped lips, the common cold, etc. 

10 Winter Precautions Tips everyone should know!
10 Winter Precautions Tips everyone should know!

With all the above-discussed points, you might think is there any positive thing about winter to our immunity? According to Ayurveda, winter is the season where there is an inherent immunity boost. Cold weather leads to decreased body temperature, and the body undergoes thermoregulation to naturally adjust to the new climate. 

Sometimes this transition results in a number of winter-season diseases like fever, common cold, etc. However, by following some easy precautions and treatments given to us by the ancient Indians, with little effort you can have a healthy winter during the winter season. 

Winter is the season to boost the immune system and nurture our body with simple lifestyle changes like eating nourished warm food, sleeping well, staying active, etc. You’ll be able to reduce these winter problems and enjoy this season, with the best tips we mention here for a healthy winter.

Healthy Diet or Food

Eating a well-balanced diet including all the required nutrition is essential to the boost immune system. Your diet should contain whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that should be consumed during winter to enhance immunity against the common cold. Foods rich in vitamin C are amla, lemon, green leafy vegetables, etc. These foods help to strengthen our immune system and to keep our bodies healthy.


Physical activity is an important aspect to keep one fit and healthy throughout the winter. The daily routine of any physical activity be it running, yoga, cycling, etc will help to keep you warm and boosts the immune system improving defense against seasonal ailments like flu and common colds.

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Dry Skin

Dry and flaky skin is one of the common issue people face in winter. The cold weather damages skin resulting in dry, and itchy skin, chapped lips and cracked heels. Maintaining a skincare routine in winter is a must to keep the skin nourishes and moisturized. Applying a thick moisturizer or even cold-pressed coconut oil to the skin keeps it nourished.


Drink an adequate amount of water every day and stay hydrated. There might be a chance to neglect the water intake during winter as we do not feel thirsty often due to the cold weather. But, make sure to consume at least 7 glasses of water every day. Water helps to clean our system and remove toxins, carry nutrients to the body cells and maintain body fluid.


With the cold climate, the spread of viruses and germs increases. So, maintain good hygiene by washing your hands properly to keep the bacteria and viruses that affect your immunity. 


For a healthy immune system, a good amount of sleep is a must. Quality sleep keeps the stress hormone cortisol under control and enhances immunity. 

Checkup Your Health Regularly

Regular health checkup during the winter season is another healthy practice for older people. Cold weather during winter can trigger health problems like asthma, flu, sore throat, painful joints, etc. In some cases, the low temperature rises blood pressure and puts more pressure on the heart increasing the risk of heart attacks in older people. Regular health checkup is the best way to prevent winter diseases and have a good health even in the chilled weather.

Vitamin D

The sun rises late and sets early during the winter resulting in less sun exposure. As our body requires vitamin D, soaking in the warm sun is essential for maintaining health and immunity. Soaking in the morning or evening sun is called sun bathing in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, sunbathing increases blood circulation, and immunity, and strengthens our bones. 

Quit Smoking

Smoking makes people susceptible to respiratory infections in winter. With climatic change and weak immunity, consuming smoke can even worsen the situation putting your health at risk.


Woolen clothes can help keep us warm when we go out in cold weather. Covering your nose, and ears can minimize the chances of catching a common cold or fever. 

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